Bluegill— Johnny Barbato Duo
Blues Tavern— McNab Trio, 8:30p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— David Chastang, 6p
Bone and Barrel— Adam Holt, 7p
Callaghan’s— Chris Powell
Felix’s— Soulshine
Flora Bama— Gove Scrivenor, 1p// Dueling Pianos, 4:30p/// Mark Sherrill, Chris Newbury, John Joiner and Mel Knapp, 5p//// Wes Loper, 9:15p
Listening Room— Noelle Tannen
Lulu’s— Light Travelers, 5p
Manci’s— Brittany Bell
McSharry’s— Rock Bottom, 7:30p
The Merry Widow— Jonathan Richman ft. Tommy Larkins, 9:30p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Emily Stuckey and Gabe Willis, 8p
Soul Kitchen— Zewmob & Exit 9, 9p
Wind Creek Casino— The Springs, 8p


All Sports Bar & Billiards— DJ Markie Mark, 10p
Beau Rivage— Johnny Mathis, 8p
Big Beach Brewing— Johnny No, 6:30p
Bluegill— Lee Yankie, 12p// Blind Dog Mike, 6p
Blues Tavern— Smokin’ Toasters, 9p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Delta Smoke, 6p
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Sherry Court, 10p
Felix’s— Tropic Flyer
Flora Bama— Wes Loper, 1p// J. Hawkins Duo ft. Troy Martin, 2p//// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Johnny Barbato Trio, 6p//// Lucinda and Michael, 7p//// Lee Yankie and the Hellz Yeah, 10p//// Brian Hill Trio, 10:15p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Phil Vaught, 9p
Hard Rock (Live) — The Feb Four, 8p
IP Casino— Jennifer Nettles, 8p
Lionz Den— Pearls of Trinity U.S.A, 9p
Lulu’s— Albert Simpson, 5p
Manci’s— Brittany Grimes
McSharry’s— DJ Chi, 10p
The Merry Widow— Elements: Hip Hop Showcase, 10:30p
Moe’s BBQ (Daphne) — Retrobution
Moe’s BBQ (Foley) — Lefty Collins
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Andrew and Bryan Ayers, 8p
O’Daly’s— Gene Murrell, Tony Edwards and David White, 10p
Soul Kitchen— Riley Green, Tyler Reeve, 10p
The Steeple— Corey SMith
Wind Creek Casino— The Springs, 9p


Big Beach Brewing— John Hart Duo, 6:30p
Bluegill— Cary Laine, 12p// Light Travelers, 6p
Blues Tavern— Pearls of Trinity U.S.A., 9p
Callaghan’s— Phil and Walon
Cockeyed Charlie’s— DJ Chill, 10p
Felix’s— Bust Duo
Flora Bama— J. Hawkins Trio, 1p// LeaAnne Creswell and Darrel Roberts, 2p//// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Al & Cathy, 6p//// Jay Williams Band, 10p//// Wes Loper, 10:15p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Phil Vaught, 9p
Hard Rock (Live) — Neptunalia, 8p
Lulu’s— Albert Simpson, 5p
Main Street Cigar Lounge— Elmo and the Bluesmen, 8p
Manci’s— Ryan Balthrop
McSharry’s— DJ Carter, 10p
The Merry Widow— Jefferson Street Parade Band, 9p
Moe’s BBQ (Foley) — Broken Down Car
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Harrison McInnis and Lee Yankie, 8p
Soul Kitchen— Project Mardi Gras, 10p
Top of the Bay— The Whyte Caps
Wind Creek Casino— The Springs, 9p


Bluegill— Lee Yankie, 12p// Multi N Funk, 6p
Blues Tavern— Disciples of the Crow, 8p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Tim Kinsey, 6p
Callaghan’s— Grayson Capps
Felix’s— Brandon Bailey
Flora Bama— Perdido Brothers, 4p// Jason Justice, 12:30p//// Alabama Lightning, 8:30p
Lulu’s— Greg Brown, 5p
Manci’s— Light Travelers
McSharry’s— Trad. Irish Music, 6:30p
The Merry Widow— Pine Hill Haints, The Underhill Family Orchestra, Dirty Bournon River Show, 7p
Pirates Cove— Tommy Morse Band, 4p
Soul Kitchen— DJ Drama, 10p


Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Blind Dog Mike, 6p
Felix’s— Bobby Butchka
Flora Bama— Rick Whaley, 12p// Cathy Pace, 4p/// Petty & Pace with donna Slater, 8p
Listening Room— John David Anthony with Lewis Ross
Lulu’s— Brent Burns, 5p
Manci’s— Grayson Capps and Corky Hughes
The Merry Widow— Tyler Kinchen and the Right Pieces, 9p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Phil and Foster, 8p
Soul Kitchen— YFN Lucci & Friends, J Simon, ENRUN, 10p


Big Beach Brewing— Bayou Rhythm Band, 3p
Bluegill— Tim Kinsey
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Jon Maddox, 6p
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Jordan Bramblett
Felix’s— Bryant Gilley
Flora Bama— Al & Cathy, 11a// T-Bone Montgomery, 12p/// Rebecca Barry & Bust, 3p//// Perdido Brothers, 4p//// Lucky Doggs, 7:30p//// Zachery Diedrich Duo, 8:30p
The Hot Spot — Brent Burns, 5p
Lulu’s— Cedryl Ballou & The Zydeco Trendsetters, 10:30a// Ronnie Presley, 5p
The Merry Widow— Daikaiju, Tony Tornado, 9p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Light Travelers, 1p// Anna McElroy Dui, 8p


Callaghan’s— Phil and Foster
Flora Bama— Tophat & Jackie, 11a// Neil Dover, 2p/// Rhonda Hart and Jonathan Newton, 6p//// Logan Spicer and Tony Ray Thompson, 10:15p
Lulu’s— Jon Cowart, 5p
Shipp’s Harbour and Grill— Brent Burns, 5p