Bluegill— Al and Cathy
Blues Tavern— Cosmic Bullets, 8:30p
Felix’s— Tropic Flyer
Flora Bama— Christina Christian, 2p// David Dunn, 5p/// Dueling Pianos, 5:30p//// Mark Sherrill, James Daniel, Chris Newbury and Mel Knapp, 6p//// Rebecca Barry Band and Bust, 6p//// James Dupre, 10p//// Logan Spicer and Tony Ray Thompson, 10:15p//// Ja Rthyhm, 10:30p
Hangout— Wavelength, 6p// DJ Dr. One, 10p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Brennan Royal, 8p
Listening Room— Anoe
Lulu’s— Lefty Collins, 5p
Old 27 Grill— Two Suzy’s, 6p
SanBar— Jim Andrews, 7p
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Jimmy Lee Hannaford, 6p
Wind Creek Casino— Tigger Proof, 8p


All Sports Bar & Billiards— DJ Markie Mark, 10p
Beau Rivage— Ron White, 7p/10p
Blind Mule— The Old Paints, Shifting Tracks, Dead Lizards, Satan and the Sunbeams
Bluegill— Dale Drinkard, 12p// Blind Dog Mike, 6p
Blues Tavern— Disciples of the Crow, 9p
Felix’s— Grits N Pieces
Fin’s— East L.A. Fadeaway, 8p
Flora Bama— J. Hawkins, 1p// LeaAnne Creswell Duo, 2p//// Logan Spicer, 4p//// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Big Muddy, 6p//// Brian Hill Duo, 6p//// Dave McCormick, 6p//// Chris Bryant Duo, 8p//// James Dupre, 10p//// Wes Loper Duo, 10:15p//// Lee Yankie & The Hellz Yrah, 10:30p
Hangout— Yeah Proabbly, 7p// DJ Delamora & Sin Fin, 11p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Supercharger, 9:30p
IP Casino— Dwight Yoakam, 8p
Listening Room— Sugarcane Jane
Lulu’s— Cool Rayz, 5p
Main Street Cigar Lounge— Frankie Boots, 8p
The Merry Widow— Vomit Spots w/Gary Wrong Solo + E.K.S., 9p
Moe’s BBQ (Daphne) — The Three-Oh, 8p
Moe’s BBQ (Foley) — Justin Fobes, 6p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Jimmy Lee Hannaford and Jose Santiago, 6:30p
Moe’s BBQ (Semmes) — The Dunaway Brothers, 6p
Old 27 Grill— Them Again, 6:30p
SanBar— Gabe Willis and Emily Stuckey, 7p
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Broken Down Car, 6p
Wind Creek Casino— Tigger Proof, 9p


Bluegill— Bruce Smelley, 12p// Cool Rayz, 6p
Blues Tavern— Everybody’s Here, 9p
Callaghan’s— Rebecca Barry
Felix’s— DOTC Trio
Fin’s— Bruce Jones, 1p// The Regulators, 8p
Flora Bama— Brian Hill Duo, 1p// JoJo Pres, 1p/// J. Hawkins Trio, 2p//// Rebecca Barry and Bust, 2p//// Kevin Swanson, 4p//// Destiny Brown, 5p//// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Jezebel’s Chill’n, 6p//// Jay Williams Duo, 9p//// Davis Nix Band, 10p//// Foxy Iguanas, 10:15p//// Yellowhammer, 10:30p
Hangout— The Good Lookings, 7p// DJ Week N, 11p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Supercharger, 9:30p
IP Casino— Atlas Fights 31, 8p
Listening Room— Dash Rid Rock
Lulu’s— Grits N Pieces, 5p
Moe’s BBQ (Foley) — Poarch Ninjas, 6p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Frankie Boots, 6:30p
Moe’s BBQ (Semmes) — This Side of 49, 6p
Old 27 Grill— Mudbug Slim, 6:30p
Pirates Cove— Kelly Poole and the Swingsets, 6p
SanBar— Jeff Farrow, 7p
Soul Kitchen— Pastor Troy, Dirty Boyz, Papa Duck, 9p
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Hot Rod Ron, 11a// Roadside Glorious, 6p
Top of the Bay— Grand Theft Audio
Wind Creek Casino— Justin Moore, 8p


Alchemy— Stereo Dogs
Bluegill— Dale Drinkard, 12p// Wes Loper Band, 6p
Blues Tavern— John Hall, 6p
Callaghan’s— Eric Erdman
Cortland’s Pizza Pub— Lane Fisher, 1p
Dority’s Bar and Grill— Telluride, 6p
Felix’s— Bobby Butchka
Fin’s— Matt and Sherry Neese, 3p
Flora Bama— Foxy Iguanas, 12p// Al and Cathy, 1p/// Jason Justice, 1:30p//// Brandon White, 2p//// Davis Nix Duo, 2p//// Brittany Grimes, 5p//// Jezebel’s Chill’n, 5:30p//// Perdido Brothers, 6p//// Whyte Caps, 10p//// Brian Hill Trio, 10:15p
Hangout— Luke Langford & 311 South, 6p// Greg Lyon, 10p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Brent and Steve, 8p
Listening Room— Ryan Balthrop, Molly Thomas and Joe Langley
Lulu’s— Greg Brown, 1p// Cadillac Attack, 5p
Old 27 Grill— Barry Gibson, 11:30a
Saenger— Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 3p
SanBar— David Jones, 6p
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Jimmy Lee Hannaford, 11a// Hippy Jim, 6p


Felix’s— Chris Herenroder
Flora Bama— Founder and Friends, 2p// Lee Yankie, 5p/// Logan Spicer, 5:30p//// Cathy Pace, 6p//// JoJo Pres, 10p//// Petty and Pace, 10:15p
Hangout— The Good Lookings, 7p// Whyte Caps, 10p
Lulu’s— Brent Burns, 5p


Bluegill— Mobile Big Band Society
Butch Cassidy’s— Jerry Powell
Cortland’s Pizza Pub— Matt Neese, 7:30p
The Diner— Brent Burns, 6p
Felix’s— Lee Yankie
Flora Bama— T-Bone Montgomery, 2p// Gary Story, 5p/// Jay Hawkins Duo, 5:30p//// Perdido Brothers, 6p//// Hung Jury, 10p//// Alabama Lightning, 10:15p
Hangout— Continuum, 6p// Shea White and Friends, 10p
Lulu’s— Jimmy Lumpkin, 5p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Anna McElroy, 6p


Bluegill— Ross Newell
Felix’s— Bobby Butchka
Flora Bama— Neil Dover, 2p// Mel Knapp, 5p/// Jeff Dayton, 5:30p//// Rhonda Hart and Jonathan Newton, 6p//// Ja Rhythm, 10p//// Mario Mena Duo, 10:15p
Hangout— Yeah Probably, 6p// Justin Wall, 10p
Lulu’s— Sugarcane Jane, 5p
Shipp’s Harbour Grill— Brent Burns, 5p