Baumhower’s (OBA)— Destiny Brown
Beau Rivage— Yaye, 7p
BLUEGILL— Redfield Duo
Blues Tavern— 61/49, 8:30p
Callaghan’s— Joe Cat
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 7p
Felix’s— Grits N Pieces
Flora Bama— Brittany Grimes, 2p//Frankie Golden, 5:30p/// Dave and Joe Show, 6p//// Mark Sherrill, John Joiner, Mel Knapp and special guest, 6p//// Rebecca Barry & Justin Fobes, 6p//// Rowdy Johnson Band, 10p//// Al & Cathy, 10p//// Jason Sturgeon Band, 10:30p
Hangout— Mojiles, 7p// Mario Mena Band, 11p
Hard Rock (Center Bar)— The Flying Steinway Brothers
The House— Ross Newell
Legacy— Ryan Balthrop, 7:30p
Live Bait— Arizona, 8p
Lucky’s Irish Pub— Shifting Tracks, 8p
Lulu’s— Wes Loper, 6p
McSharry’s— Kyle and Karl, 7:30p
Old 27 Grill— Songwriters Night, 6:30p
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Mac Walter, 6p
Traders— The String Slingers, 7:30p
Sun Set Fest at the Wharf— Modern Eldorados
Veets— Stan Foster & Phil Proctor, 8p


Baumhower’s (OBA)— Double Dee
Beau Rivage— Yaye, 7p
Bill’s by the Beach— Damien Lamb Duo, 6:30p
Bimini Bob’s— Ronnie Presley
Blind Mule— Black Titan and Funeral Horse, 10p
BLUEGILL— Dale Drinkard, 11a// Peek, 6p
Blues Tavern— Jeff Jenson Band, 9p
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 7p
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Ben and Friends, 10p
Felix’s— Matt & Sherry
Flora Bama— Destiny Brown, 1p// LeaAnne Creswell, John Joiner, Darrel Roberts, 2p/// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Beachbillys Unplugged, 6p//// Big Muddy, 6p//// J. Hawkins Trio, 6p//// Rowdy Johnson Band, 10p//// Lee Yankie, Derek Jones, Blake Nolte, 10p//// Jason Sturgeon Band, 10:30p
Hangout— Jamie Bergeron, 7p// Foxy Iguanas, 11p
Hard Rock (Center Bar)— Supercharger
IP Casino— Dick Fox’s Golden Boys, 8p
Legacy— Tim Kinsey, 7:30p
Listening Room— Robin Visel
Live Bait— Arizona, 8p
Lulu’s— Cool Rayz, 6p
Main Street Cigar Lounge— Glass Joe, 8p
McSharry’s— DJ Chi, 10p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile)— Scotch Hollow, 6:30p
Moe’s BBQ (Daphne)— Soulshine, 8p
O’Daly’s— Gene Murrell, Tony Edwards and David White, 10p
Old 27 Grill— Corey Rezner, 6:30p
Ravenite— Shifting Tracks, 10p
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Melissa Joiner Duo, 6p
Traders— Velvet Monkey, 8:30p
Tropics— Rodger Fleshman
Soul Kitchen— Col. Bruce Hampton & the Madrid Express, 9p
Veets— The Family Jewels, 9p
Windmill Market— Theodore Arthur Jr. Duo, 11a// Sugarcane Jane, 7p


Baumhower’s (OBA)— Strictly Isbell
Beau Rivage— Yaye, 3p//7p
Bill’s by the Beach— Lisa Zanghi, 6:30p
Bimini Bob’s— Charlie Wilson
BLUEGILL— Lee Yankie and the Hellz Yeah, 6p
Blues Tavern— Mud Bucket, 9p
Callaghan’s— Josh Ewing and Blake Nolte
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 7p
Cockeyed Charlie’s— DJ Chill, 10p
Dauphin Street Blues Company— Shifting Tracks, 10p
Fairhope Brewery— Bay City Brass Band, 4p// Fat Man Squeeze, 7p
Felix’s— Soulshine
Flora Bama— J. Hawkins, 1p// LeaAnne Creswell, John Joiner, Darrel Roberts, 1:30p/// Downtown Larry Brown & Larry Strickland w/Jezebel’s, 2p//// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Lucky Dogs, 6p//// Smokin’ Elvis, 6p//// Foxy Iguanas, 10p//// Logan Spicer, 10:15p//// Jason Sturgeon Band, 10p
The Grand Mariner— Ryan Dyer Band, 4p
Hangout— Jamie Bergeron, 7p// Party Animal, 11p
Hard Rock (Center Bar)— Supercharger
Legacy— Eric Erdman, 7:30p
Listening Room— Neil Dover
Live Bait— Arizona, 8p
Lulu’s— Shiny Objects, 6p
Main Street Cigar Lounge— Rock Bottom, 8p
Manci’s— Rondale and the Kit Katz
McSharry’s— DJ Twiggans, 10p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile)— Mitch Johnson, 6:30p
Old 27 Grill— FUN Events, 6:30p
Pirates Cove— Hurricane Warning, 6p
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Chris Bryant, 11a
Traders— JoAnna Scott Berlage and her merry band, 8:30p
Tropics— Vertigo Haze
Soul Kitchen— Tyler, The Creator with special guest Taco, 9p
Veets— The Family Jewels, 9p
Windmill Market— Rye Baby, 11a


Beau Rivage— Yaye, 3p//7p
Bimini Bob’s— Destiny Brown
BLUEGILL— Dale Drinkard, 11a// Redfield, 6p
Blues Tavern— Warren Wolf Trio, 5p
Callaghan’s— Kristen Diable
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 11a
Felix’s— Jimmy Lumpkin
Flora Bama— Jezebel’s Chill’n, 5:30p// Beachbillys, 12:30p/// Dave and Joe Show, 1p//// Johnny Barbato, 2p//// Foxy Iguanas, 6p//// Perdido Brothers, 6p//// Lee Yankie and Hellz Yeah, 10p//// Justin Jeansonne, 10:15p
The Grand Mariner— Bruce Smelley, 3p
Hangout— Jason Able Project, 7p// The Perry Wall, 11p
Hard Rock (Center Bar)— Brent and Steve Unplugged
Legacy— Rebecca Barry and John Cochran, 11a// Rumor Mill, 7p
Lulu’s— Shiny Objects, 6p
Manci’s— Modern Eldorados
McSharry’s— Trad Irish Music, 6:30p
Pinzones— Ross Newell
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Jonsey Gambino, 11a
Tropics— Al & Cathy
Saenger— Easy Rider
Soul Kitchen— KALEO, 6:30p
Veets— Redhouse, 8p


Beau Rivage— Yaye, 7p
Felix’s— Bryant Gilley
Flora Bama— Brittany Grimes, 2p// Zachery Diedrich, 5:30p/// Cathy Pace, 6p//// Hung Jury, 10p
Hangout— Category 4, 7p// Rhythm Intervention, 11p
Lucky’s Irish Pub— Marcus
Lulu’s— Brent Burns, 6p


Beau Rivage— Yaye, 7p
BLUEGILL— Mobile Big Band Society
Butch Cassidy’s— Jerry Powell
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 6p
Felix’s— Hannah Wallace
Flora Bama— T. Bone Montgomery, 5:30p// Perdido Brothers, 6p/// Rebecca Barry & Derek Jones, 10:15p
Hangout— Jay Williams, 7p// Dino Brawl, 11p
Lulu’s— Grits N Pieces, 6p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile)— Emily Stuckey, 6p


Beau Rivage— Yaye, 7p
Bimini Bob’s— Al and Katy
BLUEGILL— Ross Newell
Blues Tavern— Band Audition Night
Bucky’s Birdcage (Grand Hotel)— Adam Holt Piano Show, 8p
Callaghan’s— Deluxe Trio
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 6p
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Ryan Balthrop, 10p
Felix’s — Brandon and John
Flora Bama— Neil Dover, 2p// Ryan Conner, 2p/// Zachery Diedrich & the Bama Bayou Boys, 10p
Hangout— Mario Mena Band, 7p
Legacy— Lee Yankie, 7:30p
Lulu’s— Molly Thomas and the Rare Birds, 6p
Tacky Jacks (Gulf Shores) — Nigel, 6p
Veets— Grits N Pieces, 8p