Bluegill— Les Hall
Blues Tavern— Doobious, 8:30p
Callaghan’s— Kate Kelly
Felix’s— Jeri
Flora Bama— Dave McCormick, 2p// Brandon White, 5p/// Dueling Pianos, 5:30p//// Big Muddy, 6p//// Mark Sherrill, James Daniel, Chris Newbury and Mel Knapp, 6p//// Shawna P & The Earth Funk Trio, 10p//// Lee Yankie Trio, 10:15p//// Mustache the Band, 10:30p
Hangout— The Perry Wall, 6p// DJ Dr. One, 10p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Danger City, 8p
Listening Room— Jamell Richardson
Lulu’s— Adam Holt Duo, 5p
Manci’s— Ross Newell
Old 27 Grill— Bruce Jones, 6:30p
SanBar— Platinum Premier Duo, 7p
Wind Creek Casino— Mickey Utley, 8p


All Sports Bar & Billiards— DJ Markie Mark, 10p
Beau Rivage— Brett Michaels, 8p
Bluegill— Lee Yankee, 12p// Dale Drinkard Duo, 6p
Blues Tavern— MudBucket, 9p
Callaghan’s— Lee Yankie
Crooked Martini— Crowned Jewelz, 9p
Felix’s— Bling Dog Mike
Fin’s— DJ Will, 8p
Flora Bama— J. Hawkins Duo, 1p// LeaAnne Creswell Duo, 2p/// David Dunn, 4p//// Kevin Swanson, 4p//// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Brian Hill Duo, 6p//// Kyle Wilson, 6p//// Shawna P. & The Earth Funk Trio, 6p//// Chris Bryant Duo, 9p//// Whyte Caps, 10p//// Logan Spicer and Tony Ray Thompson, 10:15p//// Mustache The Band, 10:30p
Hangout— Rhythm Intervention, 7p// Zewmob, 11p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Perkins Road, 9:30p
IP Casino— Vicki Lawrence & Mama, 8p
Listening Room— Darcy Malone and the Tangle
Lulu’s— Light Travelers, 5p
The Merry Widow— Birthday Club, Myfever, Strange Her, 9p
Moe’s BBQ (Daphne) — Category 4, 8p
Moe’s BBQ (Foley) — Charlie Wilson, 6p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Andrew and Bryan Ayers, 6:30p
Moe’s BBQ (Semmes) — The Dunaway Brothers
Old 27 Grill— Leavin Brothers, 6:30p
SanBar— Scott Koehn/ Lisa Zanghi, 7p
Wind Creek Casino— Mickey Utley, 9p


Blind Mule— Infant Richard and The Delta Stones, Bronzi Blonde, Broke Yokels
Bluegill— Brandon Bailey, 12p// Bus Band, 6p
Blues Tavern— Johnny No, 9p
Callaghan’s— Tab
Felix’s— Grits N Pieces
Fin’s— Bryant Gilley, 1p// Last Call Rodeo, 8p
Flora Bama— LeaAnne Creswell, 12p// Kyle Wilson, 1p/// Mustache The Band, 1p//// Big Muddy, 2p//// Jason Justice, 4p//// Greg Lyons, 5p//// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Al and Cathy, 6p//// Riley Green, 6p//// Sam Glass Duo, 9p//// Brian Hill Band, 10p//// Spencer Maige, 10:15p//// Foxy Iguanas, 10:30p
Hangout— New Earth Army, 7p// G-Rivers, 11p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Perkins Road, 9:30p
Hard Rock (Live) — Volbeat, 8p
Listening Room— Eric Erdman
Lulu’s— Phil and Foster, 5p
The Merry Widow— Deluna, The Pollen, Lo Noom, 9p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Charles E. Wilson Duo, 6:30p
Moe’s BBQ (OBA) — Brigham Cason, 6p
Moe’s BBQ (Semmes) — Chris Hergenroder, 6p
Old 27 Grill— Harry Sherman, 6:30p
Pirates Cove— Emerge, 6p
SanBar— David Jones, 7p
Top of the Bay— Pearls of Trinity
Wind Creek Casino— Mickey Utley, 9p


Alchemy— Sergio and the Satin Dogs
Bluegill— Dale Drinkard Duo, 6p// U.S. Band, 6p
Blues Tavern— John Hall Jam, 6p
Callaghan’s— The Pollies and Steelism
Cortland’s Pizza Pub— Jim McGough, 1p
Felix’s— Jimmy Lumpkin
Fin’s— Phil and Foster, 3p
Flora Bama— Foxy Iguanas, 12p// Spencer Maige, 1p/// Jason Justice, 1:30p//// Dave Chastang, 2p//// Pale Moon Rising, 2p//// Christina Christian, 5p//// Riley Green, 5:30p//// Perdido Brothers, 6p//// Side Bayou, 6p//// Lee Yanie and the Hellz Yeah, 10p//// Alabama Lightining, 10:15p
Hangout— Ben Loftin & The Family, 6p// Greg Lyon, 10p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Kill Monster, 8p
Listening Room— Carson McHone
Lulu’s— Greg Brown, 1p// Delta Reign Duo, 5p
McSharry’s—Trad. Irish Music Session, 6:30p
Old 27 Grill— Lisa Zanghi, 11:30a
SanBar— Malcolm Bond, 6p


Felix’s— Bobby Butchka
Flora Bama— Founders and friends, 2p// Lee Yankie, 5p/// Dave McCormick, 5:30p//// Cathy Pace, 6p//// JoJo Pres, 10p//// Petty and Pace, 10:15p
Hangout— New Earth Army, 6p// Whyte Caps, 10p
Lulu’s— Brent Burns, 5p


Bluegill— Dale Drinkard
Butch Cassidy’s— Chris Powell
Cortland’s Pizza Pub— Rodger Fleshman, 7:30p
The Diner— Brent Burns, 6p
Fairhope Brewing— Green Drinks
Felix’s— Bryant Giley
Flora Bama— T-Bone Montgomery, 2p// Gary Story, 5p//// Brandon White, 5:30p//// Perdido Brothers, 6p//// Red Clay Strays, 10p//// Mario Mena Duo, 10:15p
Hangout— Continuum, 6p// Shea White & Friend, 10p
Lulu’s— Ronnie Presley, 5p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Adam Holt, 6p


Bluegill— Ross Newell
Callaghan’s— Phil and Foster
Felix’s— Brandon Bailey
Flora Bama— Neil Dover, 2p// Mel Knapp, 5p/// Wes Loper Duo, 5:30p//// Rhonda Hart and Jonthan Newton, 6p//// Yeah, Probably, 10p//// Alabama Lightning, 10:15p
Hangout— Rhythm Intervention, 6p// Justin Wall+1, 10p
Lulu’s— Justin Yawn, 5p
Old 27 Grill— Youth Open Mic Night, 6:30p
Shipp’s Harbour Grill— Brent Burns, 5p