Bluegill— Cary Lane Duo
Blues Tavern— Sixty-One/ 49 Trio, 8:30p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— David Chastang, 6p
Cockeyed Charlie’s— JJ
Felix’s— Grits N Pieces
Flora Bama— Curtis Shumate, 2p// Tony Ray Thompson, 5p/// Frankie Golden and Steve Wilkerson, 5:30p//// Lucky Dogs, 5:30p//// Brittany Grimes, 6p//// Mark Sherrill, John Joiner, Chris Newbury and Mel Knapp, 6p//// Wes Loper Band, 10p//// Four Unplugged Acoustic, 10:15p//// Zachery Diedrich, 10:30p
Hangout— Mario Meno, 1p// Oliver’s Twist, 6p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — The Debonairs of the Universe
Lulu’s— Nikki Talley, 6p
McSharry’s— Justin Fobes, 7:30p
The Merry Widow— Walker Lukens, 8p
Pinzones— John Cochran and Rebecca Barry
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — John Fowler, 6p
Veets— John Keuler, 8p

[FRI. JUNE 10]

All Sports Bar & Billiards— DJ Markie Mark, 10p
Beau Rivage— The Band Perry
Blind Mule— Hallelujah Gangbang, Ex-Bastards and Moon Tooth, 10p
Bluegill— Hannah McFarland, 12p// Jeri, 6p
Blues Tavern— Ric McNaughton Band, 9p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— DC & The Long Road Home, 6p
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Al & the Smoking Section, 10p
Ed’s Seafood Shed— Lee Yankie
Fairhope Brewing— Flow Tribe
Felix’s— Rebecca Barry Duo
Frog Pond— Lee Yankie, 11a// Zachery Diedrich Duo, 1p/// LeaAnne Creswell Duo, 2p//// Justin Jeansonne Duo, 3p//// Donnie Mathis, 4p//// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Big Muddy, 6p//// Suzi Ragsdale Duo, 6p//// Ryan Balthrop Duo, 7p//// David Dunn, 8p//// Kyle Wilson Band, 10p//// Mario Mena Duo, 10:15p//// Four Unplugged, 10:30p
Hangout— Justin Wall, 1p// Philo, 7p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Joel Cooper Rock Show, 9p
Hard Rock (Live) — Brandon Bennett, 8p
IP Casino— Delbert McClinton, 8p
Listening Room— Nikki Talley ft. Jason Sharp
Lulu’s— Grits N Pieces, 6p
Main Street Cigar Lounge— Matt and Sherry Neese, 8p
Manci’s— Eric Erdman, 7:30p
McSharry’s— DJ Tiger, 10p
Moe’s BBQ (Daphne) — Pell Avenue, 6:30p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Sasser, 8p
Moe’s BBQ (Orange Beach) — Charlie Wilson Duo, 6p
O’Daly’s— Gene Murrell, Tony Edwards and David White, 10p
Old 27 Grill— Josh Morrow, 6:30p
Pinzones— Lee Yankie
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Hippy Jim, 6p
Tropics— Fortunate Few Revue, 7p
Veets— The Family Jewels, 9p

[SAT. JUNE 11]

Alchemy— Eldre, Evenfall, Lustravi, Curse the Flesh, 9p
Blind Mule— Precubed, Luckily I’m The Hunter, A Sunday Fire, 10p
Bluegill— Serio Rangel, 12p// Lee Yankie & The Hellz Yeah, 6p
Blues Tavern— Paxton Norris Band, 9p
Boondocks— Identity Crisis, 12p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Blind Dog Mike, 6p
Callaghan’s— Infant Richard and the Delta Stones
Cockeyed Charlie’s— DJ Chill, 10p
Ed’s Seafood Shed— Britney Grimes
Felix’s— DOTC
Flora Bama— Four Unplugged, 10:30p
Garage— Tangerine Station
Hangout— Gregory Lyon, 1p// Mojiles, 7p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Joel Cooper Rock Show, 9p
Listening Room— The Pheasants Album Release Party w/ Toonces
Lulu’s— Adam Holt Duo, 6p
Manci’s— Brittany Bell
McSharry’s— DJ Lewis, 10p
The Merry Widow— Big Deal Burlesque ft. Roxie Le Rouge, 9p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Philos Moore, 6:30p
Old 27 Grill— Lonesome Mel, 6:30p
Pinzones— Britney Grimes
Pirates Cove— Big Muddy, 6p
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Mac Walter, 12p// Charlie and Mel, 6p
Top of the Bay— Sherry Court
Tropics— Brandon Bailey Duo, 7p
Soul Kitchen— Glowrage, 9:30p
Veets— The Family Jewels, 9p

[SUN. JUNE 12]

Bluegill— Sergio Rangel, 12p// Rumor Mill, 6p
Blues Tavern— Mark Welborn, 6p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Blind Dog Mike, 6p
Dudley’s— Warren Wolf, 5p
Ed’s Seafood Shed— Eric Erdman
Felix’s— Brandon Bailey
Hangout— Lucas Crutchfield, 1p// Mojiles, 6p
Hard Rock (Center Bar) — Joel Copper Duo, 9p
Manci’s— Grayson Capps & Corky Hughes, 6:30p
McSharry’s— Trad. Irish Music Session, 6:30p
Old 27 Grill— Lisa Zanghi, 11:30a
Pinzones— Eric Erdman, 11a
Tacky Jacks (Orange Beach) — Melissa Joiner Duo, 11:30a// Hippy Jim, 5p
Moe’s BBQ (Orange Beach) — Poarch Ninjas, 6p
Saenger— Kirk Franklin
Veets— Jason Taylor, 8p

[MON. JUNE 13]

Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Blind Dog Mike, 6p
Felix’s— Lee Yankie
Hangout— Cool Rayz, 6p
Lulu’s— Brent Burns, 6p

[TUE. JUNE 14]

Bluegill— David Chastang
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Jon Maddox, 6p
Butch Cassidy’s— Pete and Charlie Young
Callaghan’s— Lisa Mills with Gram Rea
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Jordan Bramblett
Felix’s— Matt Bush
Hangout— Lee Yankie & The Hellz Yeah, 6p
Lulu’s— Jimmy Lumpkin, 6p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Tim Kinsey, 6p
Veets— Last Honky Tonk Music Series, 8p

[WED. JUNE 15]

Bluegill— Ross Newell
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Ryan Balthrop, 6p
Callaghan’s— Phil and Foster
Felix’s— Bobby Butchka
Hangout— Mario Mena, 6p
Lulu’s— Lee Yankie, 6p
Veets— Open Mic, 8p