Baumhower’s (OBA)— Destiny Brown
Bill’s by the Beach— Strickly Isbell Duo, 7p
Blues Tavern— Johnny Barbato, 8:30p
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 7p
Felix’s— Grits N Pieces
Flora Bama— Gove Scrivenor, 2p// T. Bone Montgomery, 5:30p/// Mark Sherrill, Chris Newbury, Mel Knapp, John Joiner, 6p//// Big Muddy, 10p//// Riley Green, 10p//// Joey Hart & All That’s Left, 10:30p
Legacy— Ryan Balthrop, 7:30p
Lulu’s— Wes Loper, 5p
McSharry’s— Kyle & Karl, 7:30p
Sunset Fest @ The Wharf— Brian Hill
Veets— Emily Stuckey, 8p


Baumhower’s (OBA)— Jerry Powell
Beau Rivage— Sara Evans
Bill’s by the Beach— Chase Brown, 6p
Bimini Bob’s—Double Dee
Blind Mule— South Alabama University Oracle Fine Arts review book release party, 6p
BLUEGILL— Dale Drinkard, 11a// Blind Dog Mike, 6p
Blues Tavern— Ric McNaughton, 9p
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 7p
Cathedral Square Art Gallery— Bayou Rhythm, 6p
Felix’s— Jimmy Lumpkin Duo
Flora Bama— J. Hawkins, 1p// LeaAnne Creswell, 2p/// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Dave & Joe Show, 6p//// Jezebel’s Chill’n, 6p//// James Dupree Band, 10p//// Smokin Elvis, 10p//// Bama Gamblers, 10:30p
Hard Rock (Center Bar)— Supercharger
IP Casino— Three Dog Night
Legacy— Captain Fantastic, 8:30p
Lulu’s— Rhythm Intervention, 5p
Main Street Cigar Lounge— Eric Erdman, 8p
McSharry’s— DJ Carter, 10p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile)— Charlie Wilson Dup, 6:30p
Moe’s BBQ (Daphne)— $100 Car Ft. Jon Cook, 8p
O’Daly’s— Gene Murrell, Tony Edwards and David White, 10p
Ralph and Kacoo’s— David Chastang and The Long Road Home
Tropics— Stereo Dogs
Southern Napa— Willie Sugarcapps, 7p
Veets— The Family Jewels, 9p
The Wharf— John Fogerty 1969 Tour
Windmill Market—Excelsior Band, 11:30a// Kyle & Karl, 6p


American Legion Post 88— Bill and Arron
Baumhower’s (OBA)— Christine Christian
Bill’s by the Beach— Pale Moon Rising, 6p
Bimini Bob’s— Ronnie Presley
BLUEGILL— Greg Fells, 11a// Coleman Mason Band, 6p
Blues Tavern— Debbie Bond & the Tru Dats , 9p
Callaghan’s— Kristy Lee with the Hussy Hicks
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 7p
Felix’s— Blind Dog Mike
Flora Bama— Rusty McHugh Tribute Show, 12p// J. Hawkins, 1p/// Jack Robertson Show, 5:30p//// Big Muddy, 6p//// Jezebels Chill’n, 6p//// Brian Hill, 10p//// James Dupree Band, 10p//// Bama Gamblers, 10:30p
Hard Rock (Center Bar)— Supercharger
Legacy— Soulshine, 7:30p
Lulu’s— Adam Holt, 5p
McSharry’s— DJ Carter, 10p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile)— Neil Dover, 6:30p
Old 27 Grill— Chad Austin Parker Duo, 6:30p
Pirates Cove— Scott Bryan Trio, 6p
Ralph and Kacoo’s— Still Standing ft. Almost Elton
Top of the Bay— 12 Sharp
Tropics— The Budz
Saenger— Mobile Symphony: Russian Romance
Veets— The Family Jewels, 9p
Windmill Market— Lani Nash, 11a


BLUEGILL— Dale Drinakrd, 11a// Sillo Gillis Band, 6p
Blues Tavern— Rebecca Barry Duo, 5p
Callaghan’s— Blue Mother Tupelo
Captain’s Table— John Wayne, 12p
Felix’s— Brandon Bailey
Flora Bama— Jack & Jezebel’s, 2p// Hung Jury, 5:30p/// Perdido Brothers, 6p//// Foxy Iguanas, 10p
Legacy— Rebecca Barry Duo, 11a
Lulu’s— Greg Brown, 1p// Jimmy Lumpkin, 5p
McSharry’s— Traditional Irish Music, 6:30p
Old 27 Grill— Lisa Zanghi, 11:30a
Pinzones— Ross Newell, 5p
Tropics— Rodger Fleshman
Veets— Andy Cobb & Jamie Byas, 8p


Felix’s— Josh Ward
Lucky’s Irish Pub— Marcus, 8p
Lulu’s— Brent Burns, 5p


American Legion Post 88— Mark and Gary
BLUEGILL— Lee Yankie
Butch Cassidy’s— Brett LaGrave
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 6p
Felix’s— Brittany Grimes
Lulu’s— Kyle & Karl, 5p
Veets— Gregg Fells & Josh Ewing, 8p


Bimini Bob’s— Al & Cathy
BLUEGILL— Ross Newell
Blues Tavern— 61/49, 8p
Bucky’s Birdcage (Grand Hotel)— Adam Holt Piano Show, 8p
Callaghan’s— Deluxe Trio
Captain’s Table— Jerry Squires, 6p
Felix’s— Bobby Butchka
Lulu’s— Webb Dalton, 5p
Veets— Grits n’ Pieces, 8p