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WED. NOV. 28

Bayside Grill— Lauren Murphy, 5:30p
Bluegill— Matt Neese Duo
Blues Tavern— Half Way Show Band
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Ryan Balthrop, 6p
Brickyard— Chad Davidson Band
Callaghan’s— Phil & Foster
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Music by JJ
Cortlandt’s Pizza Pub— Marcus Elizondo, 7:30p
Felix’s— Three Bean Soup
Flora-Bama—  Neil Dover, 2p / Rhonda Hart Duo, 6p / Tim Roberts, 8p / Albert Simpson & John Kulinich, 10:15p
IP Casino (Chill Ultra)— The Redfield, 8p


Bluegill— Ryan Balthrop
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— David Chastang, 6p
Brickyard— Brett LaGrave & The Midnight Transaction
Callaghan’s— Delta Smoke
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Music by JJ
Cortlandt’s Pizza Pub— Bryant Gilley, 8p
Dauphins— Mark Pipas, 5p
Felix’s— Grits N Pieces
Flora-Bama— Mike Diamond, 2p / Dueling Pianos, 4:30p / Not The Real Band, But The Real Deal (Mark Sherrill), 6p / Elaine Petty, 9p / Bruce Smelley, 10:15p
IP Casino (Chill Ultra)— Philo, 8p
Manci’s— Bobby Butchka
Saenger— Ghost – A Pale Tour Named Death
Soul Kitchen— Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band, 9p


Beau Rivage— Johnny Mathis, w/Gary Mule Deer, 8p
Big Beach Brewing— Grayson Capps and Corky Hughes, 6:30p
Bluegill— Lee Yankie, 12p / Jeri, 6p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Adam Holt, 6p
Brickyard— Driving’ N’ Cryin’
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Music by Will the Chill
Felix’s— Stephen Sylvester Duo
Flora-Bama— Sugarcane Jane, 2p / The Magic Johnsons, 5:30p / Flip Flop Brothers, 6p / Ja’ Rhythm, 10p / Bruce Smelley, 10:15p
IP Casino (Chill Ultra)— Philo, 8p
IP Casino (Studio A)— Phil Vassar & Lonestar, 8p
Listening Room— Abe Partridge
LuLu’s— Cadillac Attack, 5p
Manci’s— Harrison McInnis, Ben Leinenger and Winter Bain’s
Moe’s BBQ (Daphne) — East LA Fadeaway, 8p
Moe’s BBQ (Mobile) — Phil & Foster, 6:30p
Moe’s BBQ (Semmes) — Denver Hawsey, 6:30p
Original Oyster House — Brandon White, 6p
Wind Creek Casino— G-Funk, 8p


Bayside Grill— Corey Rezner, 5:30p
Bluegill— Ryan Balthrop, 12p / Fat Lincoln Duo, 6p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— David Chastang, 6p
Cockeyed Charlie’s— Music by M. Beazle
Dauphins— Mark Pipas, 5p
Fairhope Brewing— Roadside Glorious
Felix’s— Blind Dog Mike
Flora-Bama— Al and Cathy, 1p / J Hawkins Duo, 2p / Justin Jeansonne Band, 5:30p / Johnny B Trio, 6p / JoJo Pres w/ Bruce Smelley, 10p / Brandon White Duo, 10:15p
Listening Room— Johnny Hayes, Ryan Balthrop and Jesh Yancey
LuLu’s— Lee Yankie, 5p
Saenger— Black Violin
Wind Creek Casino— G-Funk, 8p


Big Beach Brewing— The Bell and the Bull, 3p
Bluegill— Quintin Berry, 12p / Johnny Hayes & Friends, 6p
Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Manuel Gutierrez, 6p
Callaghan’s— Drunken Prayer
Dauphins— Roland Cobbs, 11a
Felix’s— Leonard Houstin
Flora-Bama— Songs of Rusty, 1:30p / Perdido Brothers, 6p / Smokey Otis, 8p / Justin Jeansonne, 10:15p
LuLu’s— Brent Burns, 5p
Saenger— Roman Street and Eric Essix


Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Blind Dog Mike, 6p
Felix’s— Bryant Gilley
Flora-Bama— Open Mic w/ Cathy Pace, 4p / Bruce Smelley, 7p / Petty and Pace, 8p
The Merry Widow— Broncho + YIP Deceiver


Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill— Ryan Balthrop, 6p
Butch Cassidy’s— Andy MacDonald
Felix’s— Lee Yankie
Flora-Bama— T-Bone Montgomery, 4p / Yeah, Probably, 7p / Rick Whaley Duo, 8p
Soul Kitchen— John Butler Trio