With the lineup for Hangout Fest 2015 revealed, festival-goers from around the world are busy making plans for the latest installment of this world-class event, May 15-17 in Gulf Shores. Those planning on attending the epic beach party are now faced with deciding their schedules, and which talented artists they will experience during the typically fair weather weekend.

As usual, there are many well-known names on the lineup, but festival enthusiasts will also recognize opportunities to catch a musical act that might be more unfamiliar. As such, Lagniappe is continuing its tradition of spending the weeks leading up to the festival exposing our readers to some of the lesser known acts with its “Hangout Spotlight.”

Xavier Rudd left a successful solo career behind to form a band of international musicians.

Xavier Rudd left a successful solo career behind to form a band of international musicians.

Hailing from the land down under, Xavier Rudd has won a legion of fans with his talent. In the past, Rudd has performed as an extremely unique solo artist.
Surrounded by an orchestra’s worth of instruments onstage, the multi-instrumentalist has taken the concept of a one-man band to the extreme.

Currently, Rudd is spending 2015 introducing the world to his latest project, Xavier Rudd & the United Nations. With a lineup consisting of band mates from around the globe, Rudd’s project definitely lives up to its moniker.

The international collective of musicians have created music “to return to spirit, respect the ancient ways and protect the Earth and the very essence of creation,” showcasing an ethereal style of earthen music that should accent the festival’s beautiful coastal setting.

Rudd and his group have captured their sounds on the album “Nanna.” The public has been getting a taste through the release of songs such as “Follow the Sun.” where Rudd’s serene vocals weave in and out of acoustic guitar work and organic percussion.

General admission tickets for Hangout Fest 2015 are $289 and on sale now through the festival’s website with additional shuttle options, VIP and travel packages available as well.