While the Mobile music scene has thrived in many aspects over the past few years, indie rock has not been properly represented in quite some time. However, Azalea City band The Mustachios is evidence that indie rock is alive and well in the city, and the group has been busy perfecting their sound at various live performances. Now, The Mustachios have taken the next step with the release of their debut album “Ride.”

The Mustachios are helping give indie rock a little help in Mobile. They’ve just released their debut album “Ride.”

The Mustachios are helping give indie rock a little help in Mobile. They’ve just released their debut album “Ride.”

The band kept things local with the release, enlisting producer/engineer Ray Norman of Dogwood Productions to act as their guiding light in the studio.

This six-track album is a culmination of sounds and styles that have not been heard in Mobile for a very long time. Vocalist Michael Francis (Scarecrow, Blood Red Squid) has a voice that was handcrafted for the pop-laden indie rock found on this album. Guitarist Ben Linus maintains guitar clarity for a majority of the album and releases distorted riffs as needed. Peter Fav (bass) and Justin Skinny (drums) make up a rhythm section that embraces dual synchronicity.

The album wears many faces, and it wears them well. The chaotic intro of “Arsenic” is tamed into an alt rock anthem full of skillful lyrical wordplay. “Tailspin” follows with an infectious bounce that is sure to be a favorite.

The Mustachios are not afraid of adding some grunge to their sound, which is evident in the closing track “300 Million.” With the rarity of true indie rock in Mobile, “Ride” presents a band and sound that should thrive in the future.

BayFest seeks high school scholarship applicants

BayFest is a chance for the Gulf Coast to experience some of the best in musical entertainment on the streets of Downtown Mobile. Alabama’s largest music festival is also a chance for young, aspiring musicians to find support in their artistic efforts. Each year, the BayFest Scholarship Program gathers some of the best young musicians from high school across the area to educate them about the music industry. The program also gives the chance for a select group of high school musicians to earn scholarship money to advance their careers. To date, the BayFest Scholarship Program has released $85,000 in funds to participants.

Once again, high school level musicians have been invited to apply for one of these scholarships. Those interested should submit an application and audition footage to the BayFest Scholarship Program at their Music Industry Education Program on Saturday, Sept. 20 from 1-5 p.m. Applications and instructions can be found on the BayFest website.