Photo  Facebook and Boozie spy

Mario Van Peebles was in town last week. He stopped by Government Plaza and said hello to Mayor Sandy Stimpson (right). And if there is something strange in your neighborhood, put a sign on your tree like these Midtowners did.

The good times are about to get rolling officially, y’all. I just can’t wait. A late Mardi Gras means warmer weather, which means more people out at the parades, therefore more shenanigans for me to report on! I will have spies down at the Dauphin Island parade this weekend and there is always good scoop to be gathered from it. Tune back in next week!

But before we get to that, we have some other tastiness we need to consume. So grab a cracker and spread this gossip dip on thick and gobble it up!

MVP sightings

The very talented and handsome Mario Van Peebles was in town last week to kick off Black History Month with a series of charity events benefiting the Church of the Good Shepherd, the oldest black Episcopal church in the state. This was presented by Broussard’s Piano Gallery.

There was a black-tie gala at Heron Lakes on Thursday night, an event at the church on Friday night where they dedicated their new organ, and a premiere of Van Peebles’ new movie “Armed” at the Saenger on Saturday night.

There were also several Mario sightings around town. He made the rounds at Government Plaza and posed for photos with the mayor and members of the executive staff.

He also stopped in at T.P. Crockmier’s and had some of their yummy nachos, according to a Facebook post.

Such an awesome guy to do so much for this very special church!

Come back any time, Mario! Mobile loves you!

I’ll take Mobilians for $500, Alex

I like to think we have some pretty smart folks around here, and local CPA Karen Gieger proved me right. Gieger appeared on Jeopardy! last Friday night and though she didn’t win, she did Mobile proud. She also told a really cute story about how she met her husband online before the days of “You’ve Got Mail.”

But what I really want to  know is what Alex talks about during the commercial breaks.

I’ll take “Give Me The Scoop on Trebek” for $500, Karen.

Waka’s Fireball birthday party

This past Saturday, Jawakatema “Waka” Davenport hosted her own birthday party with a few of her friends, including Zamareyah Dawn and Champagne Munroe. Let’s just say lot of Fireball was consumed. And I mean, like, gallons.

And apparently Groundhog Day is a popular birthday to have because in addition to Waka celebrating her big day, there were at least three other birthday parties taking place.

All of the performers were awesome and everyone seemed to be having a great time. One of my spies said she would kill for Mizz Dawn’s figure and the really cute plaid outfit she was wearing.

The Bike Shop hosts its drag brunches the first Saturday and third Sunday of each month. They will have an extra-special one on Joe Cain Day. If you haven’t been to one yet, definitely make plans to attend.

Who ya gonna call?

I have seen some strange things around town lately. Some have been there for a while, others I am not so sure, but I am puzzled by them. There is a DeLorean on the Causeway, a giant elephant on a trailer on Fulton Street and a large bear that says “Berlin” in Spring Hill. I have always wondered what the story was with these things, and now there is another one on my list.

On Old Shell Road near Sage Avenue there is a house that has a sign attached to a tree with the “Ghostbusters” logo on top, that reads “The only ghost we want to meet is the Holy Ghost. Got Jesus???”

I’m with you, Old Shell Road folks. Because unlike Ray Parker Jr., I am afraid of ghosts! Dang it, now that song is stuck in my head. Apologies if it is now stuck in yours.

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ Mario Van Peebles lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!