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Mobile’s Quintessential Mobilian, Suzanne Cleveland, center, donned a stunning headpiece at the Nappie Awards that was #somobile.

We came, we saw, we partied. At the 2018 Nappie Awards, of course. It was a great night, with a great crowd numbering over 1,500 winners, finalists, friends, advertisers and countrymen. With an after-party and an after-after-party, things got crazy and let’s just say, many a Mobile Lyft and Uber driver had to be happy counting their money on Sunday morning. With all this goodness, let’s just get right to it!

It’s Nappie time!

The doors opened at 5:30 p.m. last Friday night and folks flooded into the Saenger Theatre, some dressed to the nines, others in costume, some in drag, some in nothing at all (well, sort of — see Matt McCoy blurb below).

Local TV celebrities included FOX 10’s Bob Grip and Sarah Wall, WKRG’s Mel Showers, Alan Sealls, Peter Albrecht and Randy Patrick, as well as WPMI’s Zora Asberry. Radio was well represented by FM Talk’s Sean Sullivan, Kelly Finley and Dalton Orwig, WABD’s Twiggins, WNTM’s Uncle Henry, WZEW’s Tim and LeeAnn Camp, Gene Murrell and Matt McCoy, who once again donned a naked bodysuit to accept the Nappie for “DJ whose voice leads you to believe you may want to see him naked.” Matt, if you don’t retire that disturbing bodysuit, we may have to retire that category!

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson, Fairhope Mayor Karin Wilson, State Sen. Rusty Glover and Mobile City Councilperson Bess Rich represented our local politicos as they were all there to pick up their various awards.

Chief Slac, Miss Venus and the Order of Polka Dots, as well as the cast of “Newsies” looked smashing in their costumes as well.

The winner for Quintessential Mobilian, Suzanne Cleveland, proved just why she took home that category’s Nappie. She wore a stunning floral headpiece and came with a cheering section, and they all had specially printed fans with her name and award on it. You can’t get more “quintessential Mobile” than that.

Two dogs made an appearance at the Nappies this year — that was a first. An Afghan hound came with the winner for Best Pet Groomer, Addicted to Dogs. The other, a wiener-looking dog, just showed up with his owner. The Nappies really are a zoo!

Only one report of someone falling off the stage this year. Thankfully, the well-dressed lady seemed to be just fine.

Most of the speeches were short and sweet. No one got out of control this year, thankfully. Jake Peavy, who won “Best Mobilian Right Now,” couldn’t attend but sent over an acceptance video thanking all of the winners for their contributions to our great community, which was very nice.

The opening movie was, of course, a treat and featured celebrity cameos by attorney David J. Maloney — who was on a desk, on top of a scooter, wearing jorts, Heroes owner David Rasp, WKRG’s Bill Riales and John Nodar, DA Ashley Rich, Mayor Stimpson, Uncle Henry and Ms. Venus, among others. “Roy Moore” also made a brief appearance. You just have to see it. The link is on the Lagniappe Facebook page, but I warn you: It’s rated R.

The best part of the evening, though, is that we raised almost $5,000 for the Justin Billa Community Foundation. Officer Justin Billa won “Best Mobile Policeman” in the 2018 Nappies with a record number of votes. Officer Billa was tragically slain in the line of duty in February 2018.  Major John Barber presented the award to his widow, Erin, who received a standing ovation. Each winner and attendee was asked to make a donation, and most did.

After the awards were handed out (in record time, I might add), we headed to Moe’s Original BBQ to party some more. The band The Nynties provided the tunes, and they were great. After Moe’s shut down, folks headed over to Peavy’s Cedar Street Social Club to keep on going.

No word on how many hookups, breakups or bad decisions were made over the course of the Nappie evening, but we trust there were many of each. That’s just the Nappies! We already can’t wait for next year! (OK, maybe give us until next week to feel that way!)

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’, Nappie lovin, I will be there. Ciao!