I am just going to go ahead and throw it out there: Why couldn’t have Nate come on a workday? No one likes a weekend visitor that messes up all your plans. Not cool, Nate! Not cool.

But not to worry, kiddos, despite being hunkered down, I still have plenty of gossip for you!

Hit me like a hurricane
Y’all, that Hurricane Nate was a little underwhelming. I know there are people with trees down and wharfs missing, but most of midtown didn’t even lose power. People talk crap about our streets flooding and us losing power during a thunderstorm, which is true, but who’s laughing now?

Anyways, I understand it is better to be overprepared than underprepared, but I think some got a little ahead of themselves. Looking at the people that boarded up windows, I guess when they heard Jim Cantore was in Gulf Shores they panicked.

Boozie wasn’t that worried about Nate. I had a party to attend Friday night in New Orleans so I did just that, then got back in time to prepare for the storm. I ran to the store to get the essentials — beer, wine, flowers and a loaf of bread (only because I was out). Multiple people made comments about my buggy’s contents but if this storm was going to be as bad as a local news station was making it out to be, I need to be prepared with a few days’ worth of supplies … and alcohol is the last thing you want to run out!

After the store it was off to a housewarming/hurricane party. The folks had already prepared for the party so no point in canceling, but it did end earlier than expected. That was OK with Boozie because I had another party to attend, which turned out to be just a regular party. But that wasn’t the case for everyone around town.

Boozie heard of multiple weddings this past weekend, which a few people canceled, which is crazy to me, but whatever. But a few brave souls took on the weather! One girl just moved her wedding time from evening to morning and they partied like they would have that night.

Another bride stuck to her plan and wasn’t going to let a little rain stop her. The reception had water about ankle deep but that didn’t stop people from partying! The bride and her maids tied up their dresses and danced away in the water! They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day, and I guess a hurricane is even better luck!

Fun fact: Waffle House has a “no-power emergency menu.” Hashbrowns, sausage, ham, hamburgers, chicken sandwich and a slice of pie made the cut. Unfortunately, waffles and coffee didn’t!

The storm stories don’t end there. On Monday, some were still without power but no one was as bad off as the 8 foot alligator stuck on the causeway! The poor guy had made it over when the flood waters were high and couldn’t find back into the water. A group of wildlife folks helped the gator back to his habitat by making an entrance in the fence. Later, gator!

Lights, camera, action
It seems we can’t keep the celebrities away! And I’m not talking about Jim Cantore this time or Nicolas Cage. Hello, Emily Mortimer! Emily has been in movies such as Woody Allen’s “Match Point,” “Shutter Island,” “Hugo,” the TV series “The Newsroom” and many others. Apparently the celeb is in town filming a new movie, “Mary.” It’s about a family starting a charter boat business that turns out to not be as pleasant as they’d expected (aka it’s a horror film). Our area has plenty of boats, hopefully none that are haunted, but it comes as no surprise that they picked our area for filming.

It’s rumored most pre-production stuff is taking place in Orange Beach, but of course Emily did a little shopping in Mobile. Can you guess where? Umm, where all the celebs shop, BackFlash Antiques! I swear, almost every big name who comes to town these days makes a stop there. Which confirms my theory that famous people have a secret conversation board of places to visit in the towns they visit, OR they read my column and learn of all the cool, happening places. Obviously it is the second option, so keep it up!

Emily, who is English, is apparently very sweet and was happy to be recognized. She claimed that it “made my autumn” when Charlana, owner of BackFlash, complimented her on her films. Boozie can’t help but giggle at the word “autumn” because, let’s be real, Mobile has the furthest thing from a fall around here! Pretty sure we are still in summer, but still sweet of her!

Also spotted
So if Jim Cantore and Emily Mortimer weren’t enough for you, let’s add socio-political comedian W. Kamau Bell to the list! I mean, people do call us L.A. (Lower Alabama) and at this rate we’ll have paparazzi before long!

So what was Kamau doing in town? Oh, you know, just returning a library book, a casual 31 years late. The star of CNN’s “United Shades of America” — who attended St. Pius and McGill-Toolen Catholic High School here in the 1980s — was in town doing some filming and decided it was time to return “Make Your Own Comics for Fun and Profit.” Since the computer system had been updated, Kamau didn’t incur any charges but did pledge a donation to the library! Boozie can’t help but wonder if he ever thought about doing comics over comedy?

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Nate lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!