Nations Roof will move its Atlanta-area corporate headquarters to Mobile, CEO Rich Nugent announced Wednesday morning in front of the company’s facility on Lee’s Lane.

Nugent said the move has already resulted in 10 new jobs, five transferred from Georgia and a total of 25 more within the next year. He added the company was in the process of building a new 7,000-square-foot headquarters on Airport Boulevard.

The commercial roofing company with expected profits of $225 million chose Mobile over Tampa, Florida and a handful of other cities, Nugent said. In its research, the company found Mobile was in the top three in every category. There are no tax incentives related to the move, Nugent and Mayor Sandy Stimpson said.

“It had a lot to do with corporate structure,” Nugent said. “We’re happy to be here. The incentive in Mobile had what we needed to get this done.”

Stimpson elaborated on that point, mentioning an announcement from SSAB to move its headquarters from Chicago to Mobile as well.

“SSAB was a small player in Chicago, but is a huge player in Mobile,” he said. “Nations Roof is a smaller player in Atlanta, but a big player in Mobile.”

In addition, Nugent said the company made the decision to leave Georgia because it was difficult to find employees. He said with the college and university pipeline in Mobile, the process should be easier.

“We couldn’t get the right kind of employees at that location,” he said. “Business today is about people and wanted to move to a place where we were confident we could hire the right people.”