We’ve been name-dropped on the world stage, a talented native has a part on a smash TV hit, Oprah has been hanging with a local chef and folks have been flocking to our local “Stonehenge” for some pagan rituals. Of course, we have a local Stonehenge. What did you think? I make this stuff up or something?

It’s been a weird week around here, per usual. As we always say around Lagniappe World Headquarters, “Mobile always provides,” especially for the Boozester.

World gets a Cup-full of Mobile, Alabama


US World Cup Team Striker Aron Johannson who was born in Mob-town to Icelandic parents got some play in the US game against Ghana. Though his parents took their son back to their native country when he was three, he along with the FIFA World Cup announcers, have given us a few on-air shout outs.

In an ESPN special, Johannson even attempted to add a little Southern drawl when pronouncing “Mobile, Alabama.” It needs a little work, Aron. He does not remember being here, so I think we are going to have to change that. I think we should make him the honorary king of Mardi Gras or of the MoonPie drop or something like that. Who’s with me?

“O” yes!


While we were all very sad to see True Midtown Kitchen close its doors last week in Mobile, Chef Wesley True’s Montgomery restaurant had a very VIP visitor recently. The Mobile native and CIA-trained chef recently posted a pic of he and none other than Miz Oprah Winfrey who stopped by True Montgomery. No word on what she had off the menu but this Facebook pic of the two made its way around the interwebs. Go Wesssssssss-leeeeeey Trrrruuuuuueeeee! (I was trying to do my best “Oprah” there. Did it work?)

So Brown in OITNB

Another Mobile native who now lives in Brooklyn, So Brown, has garnered a lot of critical acclaim for her recent album “Point Legere,” which much like its title, references many places along the Gulf Coast near and dear to our hearts. She recently performed at Callaghan’s to an enthusiastic crowd and we hear Brown is also adding acting to her resume and will appear in an episode of this season of the Netflix Original “Orange is the New Black.” The Boozester has not a chance to “crack out” on this season yet, so not sure which episode, but for all of you have already started on it, keep an eye out for our local gal who is making it big in more ways than one.

So whack

Speaking of “cracking out,” a group of parents and kids who were having a mixer to get to know each other while their little ones started pre-school together this summer, got a little surprise at Arlington Park this weekend, when one parent found what looked to be a baggie of crack cocaine on the ground. Crack is whack. Finding crack on the ground at one of our parks while preschoolers are playing is, errrr, whacker? Don’t worry, we’ll get those parks family friendly by 2020, so their pre middle school mixer should be fabulous and crack-free.

Summer solstice celebrated at “Bamahenge”

My spies said a good number of folks, stopped at “Bamahenge” in Josephine, near Elberta, on Saturday, June 21, to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Like it sounds, “Bamahenge” is a recreation of England’s Stonehenge, commissioned by the Barber family (yes, the dairy folks) and created by artist Mark Cline. This Lower Alabama “henge” is made out of fiberglass rather than stone though. Yeehaw!

“Not sure if anyone arrived at sunrise to see if the fiberglass stones were properly aligned,” our spies added.

They also said with the scorching temps, Pirate’s Cove, just down the way was packed and the Solstice clothing choices were rather minimalistic.


“Space was at a premium as sailboats, powerboats and personal water craft battled for a place to dock. The wait to get a cheeseburger was one hour. Many bikinis were on display, with beachgoers from Size Two to Size Too Much.”

Well kids, that’s all I got this time. Remember rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ “Mobile, Alabama” World Cup soccer player lovin’, I will be there! Ciao!