Dustin Prinz
Friday, Feb. 19, at 6:30 p.m.
Moe’s Original BBQ, 701 Spring Hill Ave., www.moesoriginalbbq.com
Tickets: Free

The Internet has been the contemporary music world’s most powerful tool. Seemingly obscure musicians have been able to jump into the spotlight via the use of a variety of websites and social media. Singer-songwriter Dustin Prinz can thank YouTube for launching his career.

Photo | YouTube.com | Dustin Prinz

Photo | YouTube.com | Dustin Prinz

Prinz began his musical legacy in his hometown of West Point, Nebraska. This rural state with its endless miles of open land did not provide many creative outlets, but the World Wide Web did.

He began reaching fans through his instructional series on Jamplay.com, focusing on a unique style of guitar playing he calls “parapicking.” The style is described in his online bio as “a blend of hybrid picking and guitar tapping,” which was shaped by his experience as a drummer.

Prinz also found YouTube to be a beneficial medium for his original songs and unique guitar style. Currently, his channel boasts more than 5.1 million “views” and 27,000 “subscribers.”

Prinz will be performing a batch of versatile songs. “No Need to Know” (found on the “Feeling It” EP) blends warm acoustic strums with silken vocal work. He also layers percussion and guitar through live looping. “Gravy Train” is a quick, wild romp that draws its appeal from Prinz’s intricate skills with both his guitar and his voice.