Y’all it’s finally kinda fall! I mean, these lows at night are amazing, I almost need to get my blankets out, and the days aren’t so bad either. Come on, sweater weather, I am ready and I know I’m not the only one, because a spy said she saw a girl wearing a fleece jacket, leggings and Ugg boots (and this was before this recent cold front came through). I’m sure she was about to order something containing pumpkin spice, but hey, I can’t blame her! That stuff is good, almost as good as this week’s gossip. Enjoy!

All the feels
What makes hump day better? How about a Needtobreathe concert? Perfect mix, if you ask me. Last Wednesday, Oct 11, Needtobreathe played for a sold-out crowd at the Saenger Theatre. Boozie had prior plans, but not to worry, I had a few spies in attendance that gave me all the scoop.

One of the first things my spies noticed was the age range of people attending the concert. She said she saw people that were very young, middle school/high school age to people that would have grown children. But that’s the cool thing about music, it brings people together.

Boozie is pretty sure everyone in attendance will agree Needtobreathe put on one heck of a show!

One of my spies said she danced and sang the whole night and nothing could have taken the smile off her face, she said she was fangirling so hard the whole time! She wasn’t the only one either. Needtobreathe had everyone in the Saenger moving and grooving! They played old stuff, new stuff and acoustic stuff.

When I asked my spies to name their favorite songs, I got a few answers. One said they loved “Brother,” another said “Washed by the Water” without the band was amazing and another said their cover of “Stand by Me.” Sounds like they were all great!

A younger spy said it was the best concert of her life. Her favorite moment was being front-row and getting to touch guitarist Bear Rinehart! Another spy’s favorite moment was getting to meet Bear! How’d she pull that off? She said they tried to convince security that they had backstage passes but he wasn’t buying it. They asked nicely and he still said no, but told them the tour bus was out back and they might could catch them there.

She said out back was a semi-big group of people waiting around. Then Bear came out and was so nice and signed autographs and took pictures with everyone. One girl told him, “Bear, I’m a millennial, I need to take a selfie with you!” He started laughing and said, “Of course!”

Meanwhile, around the corner at Soul Kitchen, Breaking Benjamin was rocking the building! Lead singer Benjamin Burnley made a comment about how hot he was (temperature wise), and a crowd member screamed, “Welcome to Mobile!” He requested some extra fans because he was sweating up a storm. Can’t blame him, it’s either hot here or raining. That was a Wednesday for the books!

Bras for a Cause
Bras for a Cause was back last Thursday night! Like years past, this is a fun event that grabs everyone’s attention. Hello, men modeling bras while raising money for breast cancer, it doesn’t get much better! Not to mention all the money raised stays local. Bras for a Cause partnered with USA Mitchell Cancer institute and their patient assistance fund.

Boozie is told that as the models got ready for their runway show, most were drinking Michelob Ultra. I guess they were watching their figures? Then right before the show got started you could hear them chanting “boobies”! Ha!

With 20 bras being modeled and up for auction it’s no wonder they raised $30,000 last year! Boozie had a few favorites, okay, a lot of favorites, but these were my top picks: A bra that was eyes with big, full lashes. An Irish-themed bra — the guy modeling it wore an Irish hat and might have even been of Irish descent! Wonder Woman was another good bra, with so much detail — I loved the gold on the straps. One bra was baseball themed, it had second base on one side and the other was a bejeweled baseball. There was another that was a pastel blue and covered in pastel candies, I felt like Katy Perry would have wanted that one if she’d been there!

But Boozie’s favorite was the football bra! This thing had a football over each cup, then had red feathers around the footballs, as well as white fringe and lights! Yes, lights! I hope I see a crazy Alabama fan rocking that bra soon!

As if the bras weren’t enough, the guys also put on a show by dancing around! Boozie is going to assume a few of those were their significant others. I can’t wait to see what the group comes up with for next year!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ bra lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!