When you think of finding artwork in our town, the idea of the airport doesn’t normally come to mind, but perhaps it should. Creative pieces are commonplace in our nation’s larger air flight terminals since it presents a unique opportunity to influence visitors’ impressions as soon as the get their feet on the ground.

Toward that end, a pair of Mobile cultural entities have teamed up to present our best artistic face for new arrivals. Kenny Scharf’s wildly festooned1959 Cadillac that graced the Centre for the Living Arts downtown environs last year is now at the airport. The customized ride that looks like something generated by Gene Roddenberry’s dreams after a night of Hanna-Barbera cartoons and psilocybin mushrooms is bound to transfix travelers.

The other display is part of the Haverty Glass exhibit from the Mobile Museum of Art. These pristine and exquisite pieces have adorned the halls of the showplace in Langan Park for years and can now reach not just locals with the time to browse, but visitors who might not otherwise come across them.

Both of these set a great example of ways our arts entities can enhance not just our way of life, but also our place in the world at large. Image counts for something, after all.

Hats off to CLA, MMoA and the Airport Authority!