Joe Cain Day 2014 was a parade of controversy. In order to participate in the annual Joe Cain procession (also known as the “People’s Parade”), the traditional footmarching groups (including The Wild Mauvillians and The Mistresses of Joe Cain) were told at the last minute to adhere to new policies and pay new fees. In the eyes of the footmarchers, the new policies and fees clashed with the ideologies fueling the procession, which led to some protesting instead of participating. It also led to the birth of the Joe Cain Marching Society, whose members are celebrating with a grand ball.

This ball will be a “bal masque in the tradition of L’Ancien Regime.” Organizers encourage guests to don a mask (simple black or grand Venetian), but masking is optional and guests with “street clothes” will also be allowed to enter.

Kansas Bible Company will be splitting the bill with Alanna Royale for the evening’s musical entertainment. Kansas Bible Company, fresh of their debut at Bonnaroo 2014, will bring an arsenal of instruments (including a full horn section) to support their versatile rock sound. Alanna Royale is a Nashville-based siren who will add a soulful edge to the soiree. Royale has skillfully captured old school R&B sensibilities to become one of the neo-soul movement’s brightest stars.

Inaugural Joe Cain Footmarchers’ Ball
Date: Thu., Jun. 26 at 7 p.m.
Venue: Moe’s Original BBQ, 701 Spring Hill Ave.,
Tickets: $20 in adv. (avail. through Eventbrite)/$25 at the door