Well, it looks as if the long-rumored performance space at St. Francis Street Methodist Church is closer to reality. An eager new owner called last week wanting to issue word that renovations are underway at the 120-year old structure a block off Dauphin where 15 Place once was.

It was some five years ago we joined a tour of cultural leaders through the dormant facility that last hosted a congregation in 1993. The second-floor sanctuary in particular was noted as a possible site for performances with attention paid to its pews and acoustics. The estimated capacity that day was roughly 500 and a pipe organ is still in place.

Having boasted author Augusta Evans Wilson as a former member, the building is also on the National Register of Historic Places. No extensive plans for the entire facility was revealed.

New owner Jenna Inge is eager to give tours to interested parties. You can reach her at 251-656-3269.