I certainly, and I think most everyone else who used to enjoy reading the daily paper in Mobile, Birmingham, Huntsville and New Orleans, agree with you when you state “it’s hard to see the decision as anything more than an abject failure” (that is, firing all those good folk and cutting the newspaper down to three days a week).

What I don’t understand is why we all sit here and take it like we do. Why doesn’t anyone write an exposé on the people who trashed us all down here? We all treat it like it was some inevitable force of nature when, if I am not mistaken, it was a decision and “experiment” by a family company run out of New York City by two brothers with the name of Newhouse?

I see why current members of the company feel like they can’t “let the Newhouse brothers have it,” but why doesn’t anyone else point the finger where it squarely belongs?

Charles Cort,
Spanish Fort