Lots of wonderful things are unfolding at our lakeside palace to culture in Langan Park. The Mobile Museum of Art (MMA) was brimming with news during a reception for the opening of a new contemporary exhibit, which contains the work of former Centre for the Living Arts curator Clayton Colvin.

Outside the building, many might notice Bruce Larsen’s gargantuan butterfly sculpture has been removed from the entrance. MMA Executive Director Deborah Velders informs us the work is on long-term loan to the Mobile Botanical Gardens for use in their planned butterfly garden. Velders said she wanted to keep things fresh so guests don’t become inured to the work, and the newly open space can be used for “performances, site-specific (changing) sculptures, and other projects.”

Personnel changes are afoot. The museum’s new Curator of Education is none other than local arts dynamo Elizabet Elliott, also known as a primary force behind the Rumor Union collective and last year’s John Cage celebration. Congratulations are due for one of our area’s most stalwart arts warriors. Well done, Ms. Elliott!

Also, if museum regulars spy a familiar face onstage at one of Joe Jefferson Players’ performances of “The Bad Seed,” there’s good reason. Howard McPhail. MMA’s Curator of Programs, exercised his boundless talents with a role as Tasker in the spellbinding thriller. Apparently, McPhail’s reputation as a vocalist is known among MMA staff but the acting bug was one he kept hidden until now. Break a leg, Howard!