Please consider this a casual note … but I just want to tell you I like your paper.

I “opted out” when the Press-Register went to three days a week. It had been going “downhill” for some time already, in my view. But, regardless of my wishes, they kept throwing it, which annoyed me. Going a back a couple of years, during a particularly “emotional time” nationally, I made the mistake of opening the Sunday paper and reading one of their former editor’s editorials. I took great exception to what in my opinion was ill-informed “kumbaya” pablum.

I did share my opinion with the author in a private communication, which I wish I still had. It was some of my best work. I, frankly, would not have trusted him to publish it without editing and skewing its content. But, I digress.  

At any rate, between his editorial opinion and their forcing the paper on me, I simply got what would commonly be described as “pissed off.” I wrote them, protested, called and requested they stop polluting my yard. It would work for a while and then they just resumed. Then, I would start back on them. 

Finally, I realized the futility and that I had sort of exorcized my “inner crank.” Had I been rich with time on my hands, I may have sued for an injunction, just to make a point. Probably just as well, I am not rich with time on my hands, because that might not be a good thing for any of us.

With respect to their throwing the paper unsolicited, I think the First Amendment argument is BS. I would fight to defend their right to print that miserable publication. But, I do not think they have the right to throw it unsolicited, any more than I have a right to load up a truck of trash and dump it in your yard. 

I am not sure I fully understand all the changes in the business of journalism over the past few years. But, it looked to me like the Press-Register/, simply fired everyone who might have had some journalism experience, then went out and hired a bunch of hack bloggers. In my humble opinion that is exactly what is, a blog, and a slightly left-leaning one at that. Objective journalism it is not and I rarely waste my time reading their site. My guess is they have to give their paper away, force it on people, in order to generate circulation numbers to justify attempting to sell advertising.  

Your publication does, however, resemble objective journalism, and it is about all the local news I read. It would not surprise me to find out you and I might vote differently. But, one could not tell that from your editorial style, which I find very balanced and I think your paper’s reporting is balanced. It also appears you guys try to dig around and deal with facts.

In closing, I will tell you have not watched a broadcast new program of any network, PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSN, MSNBC, FOX, none of them, in well over a year. I find very little objectivity there.

Gregory N. Potter