Grrr, I hate the time change. It’s bad for business. It’s dark before most people leave work at the end of the day, which totally kills the “let’s get drinks” vibe. Can’t we just leave it as is? Luckily for you, I gathered up some gossip before this darkness took over.  

Media Olympics
Every year Lagniappe has competed in the Media Olympics at the Greater Gulf State Fair out at The Grounds, we have improved. The first year we finished in third, last year second, so we knew this was our year to win it all, kinda like the Cubs. Instead of innings, we had rounds, and we put up the good fight, until that first round …

The first round was to see who could go through the Glass House the fastest. We had two guys step up to the plate and promise a W for the Lagniappe teams. The first contestant was a gal from another team, she made the fun house seem tough as she came back out the entrance, ready to give up. Then there were a few who made it through pretty quick, making it seem as if it was a straight shot. Well, then comes team Lagniappe’s turn, and I think we must have sent two of the blindest people we know, because it got so bad they thought they might have to send in help. Needless to say, we weren’t off to a good start.

Next event was putting a T-shirt on a goat. Last year Ashley beat the other teams by 30 seconds but since she wasn’t there, we had Brooke step up to the plate and volunteer to go first. She chased (and chased) the goat down, and got the T-shirt on in 38 seconds. Wahoo, we are off to a better start.

Well, then the goat escaped the pen. About five people jumped and grabbed the goat and returned it to the pen. At this point the goat knew it wasn’t getting away. The next team was up, the goat froze and they were able to put the shirt on the goat in 6 seconds. Not looking good, luckily the organizers decided to call the event after that. Poor goat.

Third round: ride the “Remix” holding two water balloons. Up they went, round and round. No one dropped theirs, so up and around they went again. Again nothing, so they moved on to riding the “Polar Express” holding the water balloons above their heads. The riders couldn’t be broken and everyone won that round. Lagniappe’s riders reported the hardest part was walking from the first ride to the second.

Moving on to the eating portion of the night: who can finish a funnel cake first. Rob Holbert and Dale Liesch were the guys for the job, or so we thought. Matt McCoy finished first again this year. Boozie isn’t sure about the rest because Lagniappe was too busy celebrating that they thought they won third place, because they saw Rob walking away from the table. Turns out he was walking away in defeat.

The final event was a bull-riding competition. Last year Lagniappe did well, but we can’t say the same this year. But we can say it wasn’t the girl from 92 BLX’s first rodeo. Boozie is told she could have been mistaken for a professional she did so well. Her bull-riding skills along with their other points earned Cumulus first place! Congrats to the teams that placed, Lagniappe will be back for the gold next year!

Shuck ‘em
Seafood and beer lovers descended en masse to The Hangout Friday and Saturday for the annual Oyster Cook-Off and Craft Beer Weekend. Friday’s beer fest served as the debut for Gulf Shores’ own Big Beach Brewing Co. (read the review in this week’s cuisine section), which was pouring its Small Town Brown Ale and Hundred Daze IPA.

IPAs are all the rage in the craft beer scene right now but Big Beach’s stood out. Their tent had a long line all night, and their IPA keg ran dry a couple hours before the event ended. But luckily there were some 40 other brews to be sampled, and one Lagniappe staffer who was in a slow-drinking competition with a friend had a punch card with 22 holes in it at the end of the night. But the friend won, with 27 beers sampled. Reportedly they had a designated driver who was just about tired of their antics by the time they threw in the towel.

Speaking of lines, a conga line nearly 20 people long and led by an Elvis impersonator broke out during the Wham Bam Bowie Band’s performance of David Bowie’s “Fame.” The cover band provided several hours of spot-on Bowie covers, including such hits as “Rebel Rebel,” “Let’s Dance,” “Under Pressure,” “Changes” and “Heroes.” Last year The Hangout brought a Pink Floyd and Eagles cover band, so let’s hope they keep this tradition alive.

Elvis was spotted all weekend in three different costumes, dancing, drinking and posing for selfies with attendees. No word on whether he ate the oysters or brought his own peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches.

Of course it was all about the oysters, and anyone who was lucky enough to visit the raw bar before they ran out of Murder Point oysters got to sample the top-rated bivalve of the festival. A couple of newbies took advantage of the wide selection to try their first raw oysters, but the slimy consistency forced at least one teenager to instantly gag and double over the nearest garbage can. Thankfully dad was there to capture the whole thing on camera and offer a bottle of water to wash the taste out.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ oyster shuckin’, I will be there. Ciao!