Former Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine likely won’t see the exterior of Baldwin County Jail again until his scheduled release next October, after the Sheriff’s Office revoked his work release privileges last week.

According to a statement, Baldwin County Community Corrections Work Release section conducted routine field investigations on Nodine and determined that he had violated rules of conduct while at the facility, guidelines on work release inmates returning to the facility and areas that are prohibited to visit by work release inmates while outside the facility.

The violations occurred during his first year in the Work Release Program.

Nodine received a 10-year sentence for felony perjury in 2012, which was split with the first two years being served behind bars, followed by a 36-month supervised probation and five years’ suspended sentence.

Nodine was granted permission to work within the work release program and served as an office manager for Baldwin County criminal defense attorney Pascal Bruijn. Bruijn said he was told Nov. 27 Nodine would not be allowed to work after Thanksgiving and there would be a meeting yesterday to discuss why. But he said that meeting was cancelled a few hours before it was to take place.

Bruijn does not currently serve as Nodine’s attorney and Lagniappe could not immediately confirm whether his removal from the work release program would constitute a violation of his sentence and mandate any additional time served.

The perjury charge was the result of Nodine’s falsified application for indigent status. He was caught on jailhouse phone conversations telling a sister to shuffle $15,000 in personal funds before filling out the affidavit. Also in question was a misrepresentation of his monthly debts for alimony and child support. 

Nodine, who resigned from the Mobile County Commission after being charged with murder in the death of his former mistress, previously plead guilty to a federal gun charge for being a drug user in possession of a firearm and served a 13-month sentence at a minimum-security facility in south Florida. The jury in his murder trial deadlocked and the charges were dropped.