Summer is coming to an end, but that didn’t keep things from heating up on the gossip front. There was so much going on I couldn’t even cover it all. I know you’re probably shocked to hear this. Yes, I am a goddess, but I just can’t be everywhere all the time. But have no fear, the spies were out in full force, scooping up all they could into their little gossip-collecting bags. Now, they’re ready to unload on you, so enjoy!

NOLA bands rock Mobtown
Since I was still recovering from the Nappie Awards (yes, it takes a week!), I decided to take this past Friday night off, and I hate I did because I heard there were two great live music shows in the OGD and LoDa.

NOLA’s Sweet Crude played to an appreciative crowd at Callaghan’s and I hear it was “all about that percussion.” And one of my spies chatted the band up and reported they were super nice and “life had not beaten them down yet,” even posing for a few selfies with patrons.

Later that evening, I had couple of spies report back that Trash Can Fest, featuring The Revivalists, at O’Daly’s was a raging success. One spy said he thought there were literally thousands of people there and the band was just amazing and put on a rocking show. Though it was #hotasf, that didn’t keep some people from grinding the night away.  David Shaw, lead vocalist of The Revivalists, even took time to take a few selfies with fans. How sweet.

(Photo/ Instagram/The Revivalists)

(Photo/ Instagram/The Revivalists)

What wasn’t sweet — to the bouncers at least — was one patron who didn’t seem to realize the section he kept jumping into was for VIPs. He jumped over the wall, which was taller than him, and chatted up his friends, completely oblivious to what he had done. The bouncer, who couldn’t jump the wall, had to walk all the way around to get him out.  He’d almost reached the VIP area when the VIP crasher jumped back out of the area and went on his merry way. The bouncer did not look pleased.

Anyway, we hear many folks partied into the wee hours of the morning and were probably in desperate need of some “revivalists” or “reviving “ the next morning.

This little light of mine
How do I even begin to tell you about GlowRage on Saturday night? For starters, the line to get into Soul Kitchen stretched to both ends of the block and was quite the scene. Boozie isn’t sure if there was a required dress code of booty shorts and cropped tops for the ladies, but that seemed to be the trend. Some things can’t be unseen, like the one girl wearing shorts so short that Boozie isn’t sure if those were shorts or denim underwear with pockets. Though I will say, her knee-high fur go-go boots were a nice touch and covered more of her body than any other article of clothing she had on.

I won’t go on about the attire anymore, as I’m sure the crowd got enough crap from the people practicing their freedom of speech outside of Soul Kitchen and on Bienville Square.

The ol’ Boozester didn’t even notice them until I was trying to park and there was a group of people staring at something in the Square. I thought people were staring at how many times it took me to settle into a spot, but once I got out of the car, I saw they were staring at some folks screaming in megaphones and holding signs saying something about sinners and hell. Those signs are no good for Boozie’s line of work.

Other than that I heard mixed reviews about GlowRage. Some said it was good, some said it wasn’t their best show. Maybe next time the paint-and-dance party comes to town they will have more of a hyped crowd that hasn’t been told they are sinners and going to hell.

GulfQuest hobnobbing
Boozie also caught wind of some pretty swanky happenings during the Gulf Coast Tourism conference. The Excelsior Band second lined everyone over to  the soon-to-be-open GulfQuest Maritime Museum along with the Azalea Trial Maids and the Joe Cain Footmarchers. Once there, guests got a preview of the museum and enjoyed samples from seven area food vendors. South’s mascots and the USS Alabama crewmates were in attendance and Mayor Sandy Stimpson even made an appearance, as did Councilman Fred Richardson, among others. We hear the exhibits that were complete were pretty darn cool. The GulfQuest museum is scheduled to open in September.  

Well kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ David Shaw lovin’, I will be there! Ciao!