Can you explain the logic?

Mayor Stimpson’s proposed FY 2019 budget includes $4.25 million more in projected revenue and transfers for FY19, but reduces support for many essential functions.

• The Parks and Recreation Department’s proposed allocation is $46,000 less than in FY18.

• The Public Works Department has proposed funding decreases totaling $550,000.

• The Mobile Public Library’s proposed allocation is reduced by $500,000 compared to FY18.

• The Retirees Insurance proposed allocation is $1 million less in FY19.

• For the third year, the former $20,000 allocation for the African-American Archives has been omitted. Similarly, Visit Mobile must underwrite funding for our city’s visitors center for a third budget cycle.

Performance contracts for nonprofit agencies are reduced by $145,000 including a proposed $60,000 reduction to AltaPointe, as well as a proposed $31,000 reduction to the Boys & Girls Clubs; $16,000 less is proposed for Senior Citizens Services Inc. and $10,000 less is proposed for each of the Innovation Portal and the Alabama Contemporary Arts Center. Penelope House’s proposed allocation was reduced by $9,000, and McKemie Place’s by $1,750.

Mobile City Youth Athletic and the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program were rewarded with $20,000 and $30,000 proposed increases, respectively. In short, this budget proposes reducing performance contract funding for 31 agencies, with only eight receiving level funding and the two previously mentioned gaining proposed city funding.

Ironically, the Mobile Tennis Center’s proposed allocation increased by $190,000, and City Council Discretionary Funds are proposed to increase by $70,000. I hope they will give back some of what is being robbed from the agencies that serve our neediest citizens.

Ronald Francis David Hunt