As a paid subscriber, I’m at a loss how you justify keeping Jeff Poor on your staff. His form of journalism is manipulative, leading the reader to think he’s being reasonable about both sides when in fact it appears our current president is paying him personally.

Apparently it’s enough to pass Lagniappe’s standards, but his role as commentator is simply getting old. I’d be willing to bet this isn’t the first comment you’ve received on this, and a second bet that the majority of your paid subscribers lean toward the progressive side, even in the Deep South.

The philanthropic side that believes in civil rights for all, the side that believes we should take care of the babies Republicans believe should be forced into birth as a result of rape into our already overpopulated world (to hell with them afterwards I guess) definitely feel differently.

In his Dec. 26 column (“Trump’s best bet: scorched earth”) he says, “To some however, Trump’s decision is tantamount to doing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bidding. There is always something.” Really?

In his annual press conference, conveniently held right after this decision, Putin personally approved Trump’s half-baked decision to pull troops from Syria. Not only that, but we have mounds of evidence showing Trump is doing Erdogan’s and Putin’s bidding.

His comrades are going to prison. He has refused to divest from his businesses, which is in complete violation of the “emoluments clause.” When it finally hits the fan, and it will, he needs to make a personal apology.

We were the country that protected the less fortunate others because we had the ability to do so and because it is the right thing to do. Now we are the country (~35 percent at least) that wants to build a wall around us, while we have the deepest debt and with the worst economy in December since the Great Depression.

At what point did Republicans lose their ability to recognize facts and begin to zombify into Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter robots? Maybe that’s why he likes robots so much. At least Ashley gives a balanced representation of all sides and fair reporting on the state of our society.

Our democracy is in fundamental danger and though I fully support the First Amendment, in my opinion it is unwise to have this continual gaslighting spouted in every single one of his columns, only serving as incitement for the good ole boys and their lovely wives who have learned to obey. We get it, Jeff, you are Trump’s number-one fanboy.

Can you write commentary acknowledging how our intelligence agencies who were once well respected by both parties are now being systematically deconstructed as he follows all of the rules on how to be a dictator? Is there no concern that major cabinet positions are remaining unfilled while one man makes all of the decisions? How long is this Orwellian path sustainable?

Our president has blood on his hands, the least of which is Jamal Khashoggi’s. Our government is shut down by Trump’s prideful will (before he began the blaming Democrats again). If we are to move forward, as Ashley says, even if fatigue must be the conduit, we will ALL have to recognize we have the same primary goals.

We need to stop publishing right-wing journalists who are just slobbering for another civil war simply because there needs to be a differing opinion. You can have a conservative commentator that actually writes truth and fact.

What good does it do anyone to read absolute horsesh*t? Enough is enough. We are all Americans; we are all descendants of immigrants who came here seeking safety and a place they could raise their children. Does hatred rule us now? Where is the love for our neighbor? Where is the hope and where is the action to get us out of this nightmare?

I hope Lagniappe will take its own small step to stop this before it is too late. 

Claire Taylor-Davis,