To the editor:

I have been a fan of your paper for several years and was disappointed with the article on President Barack Obama (“Unlucky streak or poor leadership?” by Jeff Poor, July 21). Obama has been a symbol of class and compassion under terrible attacks from Southern senators and congressmen, as well as the Republican Party and right-wing fanatics. The man has tried to do a good job under constant criticism and hatemongering.

I am a white senior citizen of some years and have lived under eight or nine presidents and I can proudly say I am glad he has been our president. In our nation if a person is not a White Anglo Saxon Protestant he is a loser by many people’s standards. 

As for Obamacare, you should do some research. I have several white friends who have benefited from the new insurance rates. As a great nation we have had many evil, corrupt senators and congressmen who have run on a platform of “I am against Obama” rather than the issues.
As Americans we can do better in accepting people who are not WASPS and allow people of any race, creed, color, religious affiliation or sexual orientation to be themselves and be treated with respect. I cannot understand you seeming to endorse Trump and calling Hillary Clinton a crook. What do you think all our congresspeople are, if not crooks?

We have allowed greed and corruption to destroy our great country. I do not see how a billionaire who wears $2,000 shoes and suits can relate to the poor and downtrodden people in this great nation. A man who has declared bankruptcy numerous times and cost Americans millions of dollars and a man who has been married numerous times and bragged of his many affairs — what choice is that for the average American?

Under Bill Clinton this nation had great prosperity and I believe Hillary Clinton to be a far superior candidate than Donald Trump. Do you really believe she is the only official who has used her personal email? Let us stop the witch hunt and vote for the candidate with experience in our government, and who has a former president to help. 

S.H. Hunt