A Mobile Police officer has been accused of raping a woman in downtown Mobile inside of his city-issued vehicle, but while the department says it’s taken “appropriate administrative actions” criminal charges have not been filed at this point.

Last fall, Lagniappe made attempts to confirm reports of an internal investigation and a subsequent trial board hearing into allegations against MPD narcotics officer Jamal Pettway.

At the time, officials with MPD and Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s administration declined to respond to multiple inquiries about the investigation on the record. Off-the-record sources told Lagniappe at the time the issue at the heart of the matter involved a consensual relationship between two police officers and that no rape was involved.

Attempts to confirm those reports with the MPD since have been not been successful. Though very few details have been confirmed, the alleged assault was said to have taken place in Pettway’s city-issued narcotics vehicle in downtown Mobile last October.

Asked about the incident again this week, Public Affairs Officer Charlette Solis provided a written statement from the department about the allegations which confirmed that “an internal affairs investigation was conducted and has been completed.”

“The findings were gathered and presented to the District Attorney’s Office. The case will go to a grand jury,” it read. “Appropriate administrative action was taken to address [the allegations against Pettway].”

Calls to District Attorney’s Ashley Rich about any investigation into the allegations were not immediately returned, though its unlikely the office would confirm any grand jury proceedings.

Mobile police officer Jamal Pettway was accused of raping a woman inside his city-issued narcotics vehicle in 2017. (MPD)

It’s currently unclear what“appropriate administrative action” was taken against Pettway if any at all. There’s been no indication of Pettway being taken off active duty as an officer, and MPD has refused to confirm his employment status on multiple occasions dating back to November.

According to MPD’s website, Pettway is in the special investigation section of the department’s Narcotics and Vice Unit, which received the chief’s recognition award in 2016. Records indicate Pettway joined the department in 2011.