Beep, beep! All aboard the struggle bus! I know I’m not the only one feeling the aftermath of Mardi Gras; some of y’all are feeling it more than me, but this is a judgment-free zone (kinda), so kiss that moral hangover goodbye and get ready for a recap of the craziness!  

Mardi party
Where do I even begin with all the Mardi Gras info I have so far? I don’t think I can process all the gossip while being this hungover, but I am going to try for y’all’s sake.

First up, people’s attire, or lack thereof. We all know the weather was amazing this past weekend. It was a taste of spring in February and with that taste of spring came booty shorts. I mean, I couldn’t get over that there were groups of girls wearing shorts so short you could see their butt cheeks. Did their mama see them leave the house wearing that? Boozie’s man friend even was like, geez, those are short shorts, and even asked where they buy ones that short. Don’t know or want to find out.

The weather even gave a few guys spring fever. One float rider in the Floral Parade on Saturday decided that it was a good chance to catch some rays, so he ditched his shirt and rode on!

The party didn’t stop there. Sunday during the Joe Cain parade one of the marchers was wearing a very patriotic weenie bikini. The front of his bikini was a bald eagle and where the beak of the eagle was, well, let’s just say it looked very 3-D.

Moving on, Saturday night at the MOT parade, former Alabama running back and current running back for the Green Bay Packers Eddie Lacy was spotted at Moe’s BBQ. The football star was happy to pose for pictures and even did the running man with a few crowd members. Roll Tide!

That’s not all. One of my spies was heading down Springhill Avenue to catch a parade when they spotted a group of people standing in the road, and could tell something was on the ground. Worried that someone had been hit by a car, they started to turn around before they realized the group was taking pictures of a man lying on the ground. Turns out a drunk guy had taken a tumble and the group was helping him out of the way after getting in a good laugh. However, they did leave his handle of vodka in the road. I’m willing to bet he feels like he did get by a car.

Covering crap

(Photo/Boozie Spy) Lagniappe did its part on Joe Cain Day to help keep things clean.

Lagniappe did its part on Joe Cain Day to help keep things clean. Some conscientious individual saw fit to take advantage of Lagniappe’s absorbent qualities to cover some of the unpleasant signs a police mounted unit had been by. Don’t they know Lagniappe doesn’t cover crap? Or maybe they were thinking Lagniappe is the sh*t (in a good way)!

Beam me up
So these past weekends have been a blur and I dropped the ball on getting y’all the Pensacon gossip! Pensacon took place at the Pensacola Bay Center weekend before last, and of course Boozie had spies there to catch all of the great comic characters. We hear our very own lovable talk radio curmudgeon Uncle Henry was there as well.

But my spy said these were some of the highlights:

A lot of Hogwarts personnel, teachers and students from the Harry Potter universe, including one guy dressed as the late Alan Rickman’s Severus Snape. He really looked the part. 

A Gene Wilder-styled Willie Wonka. 

A pair of Romulans from the Star Trek franchise, one who sported a bright pinkish wig in a bob. My spy told her he didn’t recall any pink-haired Romulans and she quipped she was a huge Katy Perry fan. 

There was a life size and authentic looking R2D2 rolling around. 

One kid had Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren character from the Star Wars franchise down pat. 

A few Spidermen, one playing shutterbug and another who was toting around Captain America’s shield, a la “Captain America: Civil War.” 

Harley Quinn was popular again but now there are equal numbers of them patterned after the version from last year’s “Suicide Squad” film, as opposed to the traditional version from the comic books. My spy saw a Jared Leto-styled Joker to boot. There was a handful of “old school” Riddlers, too. 

A couple of guys dressed liked the Steve Zissou crew from Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic.” 

A guy dressed as Indiana Jones’ father, complete with natty tweed hat, waistcoat, bowtie, Sean Connery beard, even the leather satchel and umbrella. It was perfect. When another fellow costumed as his more swashbuckling son passed him in the crowd, “Junior’s” double take was pretty funny. 

An obvious gym rat decked out as the new Aquaman was getting a lot of looks from the ladies. 

A fellow dressed as Mad Max who ended up being a science professor on one of the panels about Mars colonization. 

Beeker from “The Muppet Show.” 

A lot more Wonder Women than we’ve seen in past years, no doubt helped by her re-emergence in film in the last couple of years. 

A quartet of folks dressed as characters from Mel Brooks’ Star Wars parody “Spaceballs,” including Rick Moranis’ Dark Helmet. 

Sounds like another year of great people watching at Pensacon!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. I’ll be back next week with more Mardi Gras gossip. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ vodka lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!