Business at Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting was just a bit sweeter than normal.
The board unanimously approved plans to allow a creamery for Cammie’s Old Dutch at 4380 Halls Mill Road.

The approval allows Cammie Wayne, owner of Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe, to get churning on the former restaurant space where the shop’s ice cream will be produced. Wayne said she hopes to have it ready to put the proverbial cherry on top by next week.

While not open to the public, the creamery will allow Wayne and staff more space, as the production will be moved out of the shop at the corner of Old Shell Road and Florida Street. She stressed that the shop itself wasn’t moving.

“I’m busting out the seams,” she said, following the meeting. “I have so much demand … ”

The new creamery could also allow for better distribution of product within the local market, Wayne said.

“I’m in 13 grocery stores and I could be in 25,” she said. “I’m going to make Blue Bell nervous.”

In other business, the commission voted to hold over a vote on a Dunkin’ Donuts on Government Street until the meeting on April 20.

The commission also voted to hold over a request from St. Luke’s Episcopal School until April 6 to allow the placement of stadium lights at 1400 S. University Blvd. near two adjacent neighborhoods. The lights and temporary bleachers would allow the school’s football team to play football on campus next season, rather than rent out the stadium at Westside Park. Jim Rossler, a member of the school’s board, told commission members the school paid roughly $30,000 in rent for the use of the football field. The plan going forward would be to build something more substantial.