Delish’s Desserts gives you another reason to love Oktober

Our favorite lunch-only takeout spot is upping the ante for the month of October. Get by Delish’s Desserts at the corner of Old Shell and Upham and pick up the latest treat: Pumpkin bread. Complete with a streusel topping, this stuff is amazing and sold by the loaf. A great gift idea.
While mom is hiding in the back baking, son Kelley is also honoring his bloodline with an Oktoberfest menu for the lunch crowd. Once per week the menu will feature authentic German cuisine. Last week’s special was Jagerschnitzel or Bavarian Goulash over spaetzle. I had both. Be sure and visit their Facebook page for menu updates. You don’t want to miss this one.

7 Spice Market opens Grill

Airport Boulevard’s one-stop shop for all things Mediterranean has opened a restaurant/grill. 7 Spice Market now has its own 7 Spice Mediterranean Grill at their 3762 Airport Blvd., location. Enjoy the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean diet with kabobs, moussaka, baba ghanouj as well as plenty of vegetarian options. They even have tiny Gyros on the kid’s menu!

I plan on dining in and then hitting the market to try my hand at replicating my meal at home. Dial (251) 725-1177 for more information or call in ordering.

Think Pink-Pink chocolate at Grand Hotel

Through the month of October the Grand Hotel in Point Clear is offering a new dessert to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. White chocolate mousse in an edible pink bowl garnished with fresh berries and pink chocolate ribbons sounds grand enough for me.

The dessert is only $5 and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure. The dessert can be found at the Grand Hotel’s Saltwater Grill as well as the Grand Steakhouse. Eat like a girl. Fight like a girl!

Local grocery blues? Help is on the way!

The grocery situation around here has gotten tougher in some parts of town. We still have Mac Dixie going strong and sure, Publix has been a nice addition, but some other local chains have been suffering since Belle Foods came along and scooped up all of the Food Worlds and Bruno’s-es. That’s plural for Bruno’s, right?

Here are the Cliff Notes. Back in July Belle Foods filed for bankruptcy. Its chief creditor C and S Wholesale Grocers of New Hampshire allowed the Birmingham chain to operate until their sale. Associated Wholesale Growers of Kansas City, Kansas, purchased Belle Foods at auction, pending Bankruptcy Court approval. Now AWG is farming out local locations to Rouses Markets and Food Champ.

It won’t be long before Food Champ will be a shining beacon at Dauphin and I-65 after some deserved renovations. But don’t expect that facelift to be as extensive as the Rouse counterparts.

West Mobile should be excited that Rouse has taken over the Old Shell Road and University locations. In addition to the two Mobile locations they grabbed up Saraland, Theodore, Spanish Fort and Gulf Shores. All of those stores will be closed for multi-million dollar makeovers. Expect sausage kitchens, seafood boiling rooms, and to the delight of our hardworking fishermen a seafood market that sells local. I hope other stores follow suit and quit this senseless act of selling Asian shrimp. I have no use for that.

Seems a change for the better is on our doorstep.

Hungry Owl Customer Appreciation/Anniversary shaping up

Details are coming through for the Second Anniversary/Customer Appreciation celebration at the Hungry Owl on Saturday, Oct. 19. The day is sure to be filled with something for everyone. Visit the new kiddie area and revamped dog park. Get your picture made with a real live owl. Enjoy live music from Fat Man Squeeze, and other bands to be announced, all day long. There will be children’s entertainment and fun for the adults as the new Growler Bar is unveiled. Word on the street is that the Corn Hole game is already set up.

Admission is free, and Kona Brewing will be on hand with door prizes and the like. Pace yourself. The event runs from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. at the corner of Cottage Hill and Schillinger.

Check In Check Out gone but not forgotten

Last May I profiled the Sandwich Trifecta. Included in the group was the shrimp po-boy from Check in Check out in Slidell, La. Last week I visited the location to find a sign at the street that said Fat Boy’s Seafood, though the building still said Check In Check Out. Everything looked the same on the inside so I ordered my usual shrimp dressed and a half muffaletta cold to go.

After my order was in, the chatty owner let me know he’d bought the place in June. I told him of the article I’d done months before and how I’d been eating that same shrimp po-boy since I was young. He said, “I get people coming in here from Mobile all the time saying they heard I had the greatest shrimp po-boy. YOU are the guy that wrote that article? Awesome! You should come review my shrimp po-boy. I made it better!”

I should have asked for my money back right then, but I didn’t want to be rude. The batter has been changed and it lacks the spiciness that prevents Lucas from eating all of the leftover shrimp. The second most important problem is that there are no leftover shrimp. What was once an overstuffed mountain de camaron is just a normal po-boy. If the former champion was a 10 the current version is about a six. It’s a decent sandwich, but nowhere near the legendary status I heralded the CICO version.

The muffaletta was a different story. On the to-go orders the olive salad is on the side. Big mistake. It has to be on the sandwich to marinate the bread. The meat, though plentiful, tasted like a Subway cold cut combo. I’m pretty sure there was cheap bologna in there.

So the next time you’re driving past 1800 Old Spanish Trail and you wish to stop in, I am sure you’ll find plenty of fantastic menu items. Don’t trust the sandwiches. Be sure and tell them they used to be the best.

Take your hats off, boys, take your hats off. Bow your head and recycle those memories.