Today, Saturday, Sept 16, my husband and I had to drive all the way to Fairhope to find a bench in the shade where we could enjoy a view of the bay. We just wanted to get away to be able to talk over some decisions we had to make.

Now I am reading Lagniappe (“Some legacy building ideas for Stimpson,” Sept. 14-20) and finding out there is a beautiful piece of land on Brookley where we could have gone in just a few minutes had our city had the vision it claims it has! Downtown is looking better all the time, but a park on the bay would be a jewel this city could really benefit from. Why have I never heard of this before? Great idea!

I agree with you about the litter. But I also have my bone to pick with the city when it comes to what would make Mobile more attractive: Curb appeal. Many businesses and homeowners fail to keep the grass edged on their street curbs. Just that little job done makes a huge difference in the appearance of a city. I think there should be a fine given for not edging the curb in front of your house or place of business. The fine could be used to hire extra city workers to do the job for the owners who won’t, or can’t, do it themselves.

Also, I have a question. I voted Republican in the primary, but now want to vote for Doug Jones in November. Am I not allowed to do so? I remember reading something about that … Makes me wish I had not voted at all!

I love reading Lagniappe. Thanks for printing the truth. Where else would I get that? Certainly not the Press-Register!

Barbara A. Jordan