Mr. Holbert:
Excellent column (“Shelby ad takin’ voters for fools,” Jan. 7, 2016). Sen. Richard Shelby is not a solution, he is a major part of the problem. He is the epitome of “pork.” You can’t vote for Shelby and have a legit gripe about federal spending.

Good description of Trump and Hillary as well. I think Americans are disgusted with having to vote against a candidate rather than for one.
I met Shelby a few years ago at some event in Mobile. I was with a friend of mine who was having a problem getting the labor he needed to build the ThyssenKrupp steel plant north of Mobile.

When my friend approached Shelby and asked him to make it easier to get Mexican laborers, Shelby told him he would address the situation and do what he could to see that it happened. When my friend approached Jeff Sessions with the same plea, Sessions looked him in the eye and said, “That’s not going to happen. You need to pay more and hire Alabamians to fill those positions.” The difference in character between the two men could not have been more in contrast.

I don’t agree with Sessions on every issue but I do think he’s as good as there is on Capitol Hill. We need another Jeff Sessions. We don’t need six more years of Shelby. He disgusts me.

Chris Jones