Please help the students, faculty and alumni of USA and all the citizens of this area by compromising with the city and county on purchasing the waterfront property at Brookley Aeroplex the foundation owns and has up for sale to build a public park.

Please don’t try to maximize the foundation’s profit on this property at the expense of all the citizens, including university members and friends.

This is the only piece of property left on Mobile Bay that would be suitable for a large public park. Three-hundred acres would be large enough for everyone to enjoy. Most of us own no waterfront, but since Mobile Bay is our history and heritage we deserve to have access to it. Once the city and county get the deed we can raise the money necessary to design and build a world-class free waterfront park. Philanthropists, celebrities, athletes, businessmen and women with ties to Mobile and citizens want to see concrete plans and commitments before they donate and volunteer.

We don’t need commercial businesses located on this specific property, especially when there is so much other available property located close by. If citizens have positive options for their very limited free time, there would be much less crime. More people would appreciate and love Mobile Bay and be much less likely to litter. It would give citizens (including students, faculty and alumni) a fabulous place to go exercise and have fun with swimming, sailing, paddleboard, walking trails, beach volleyball, disk golf, shuffleboard, skateboarding, bicycling, etc.; there really is no limit.

The park would also be great for attracting businesses for their employees, attracting tourists and helping attract and keep young, talented and creative individuals in Mobile. We could get some sand from the upcoming widening and deepening of the Mobile ship channel to expand the beach.

The park would increase the value of all Mobile property, especially in neighborhoods surrounding the park. People would want to live close to the park and renovate existing properties in the neighborhoods, increasing property taxes.

Foundation members, please remember we are your relatives, your friends and neighbors. This Brookley property sale is for all of us — including you. We won’t be here long, please don’t wait until you die, leave a legacy that will last forever.

Clarence J. Carrio