To the editor:

The Mobile Housing Authority receives millions of dollars each year from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing to moderate and low-income families. The Mobile Housing Authority and Mobile’s African American politicians representing our community have failed miserably. Please notice the substandard living conditions of the Roger Williams Housing Development. Would you want your children, parents, grandparents, etc. living in such squalor? Only African Americans live in that development. It should have been torn down years ago.

This is located between St. Stephens Road and Martin Luther King Avenue, in the “heart” of the African American community in Mobile. The living conditions are substandard, poor and shameful. Who is the City Council representative? Who is the Mobile County Commissioner for this area? Who is the House Representative? Who is the Mobile Housing Board Director and who are the Housing Board Members? Who is the Alabama House Representative for this area? Who is the State Senator for this area?

Should any attention be given to this area by our elected officials/leaders? 

Mobile’s African American community has been neglected for so long by our elected representatives, we don’t know how to demand adequate representation for our votes. We vote based on non-objective reasoning and are further left behind.

(FYI, my five years on the Board of Director’s of Prichard Housing Authority, and three years Executive Director of the Foley Housing Authority, and Property Management for Mississippi Regional Housing Authority give me some experience in this area).

Has anyone noticed that the city of Prichard does not have any “Projects?”

Carnell Davis