Less than a day after being fired by Gov. Robert Bentley, former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier held a news conference about Bentley’s long-rumored affair with his former communications officer Rebekah Mason.

On Tuesday, Collier was terminated after the governor announced an internal investigation at ALEA had revealed a “possible misuse of state funds.” This afternoon, Collier called those claims “untrue” before telling reporters gathered in Montgomery he’s seen and heard evidence of the alleged affair.

“It’s a shame to see all we’ve done come unraveled by an improper personal relationship,” Collier said, speaking of the consolidation of the state’s law enforcement agencies he was appointed by Bentley to spearhead in 2014.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier  was relieved of his duties on March 22, 2016. (Twitter)

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier was relieved of his duties on March 22, 2016. (Twitter)

According to Collier’s statements at the press conference, Bentley approached him after members of his family sent him a text message in December the former cabinet member claims read, “if you don’t quit lying to these reporters, we’re going to start telling the truth.”

“He was upset. I explained to him it was not a crime. They were not threatening him, they were not trying to exploit money from him,” Collier said. “I told him I felt it was a domestic situation and it was best handled in their family.”

Collier also discussed audio recordings of Bentley speaking inappropriately to Mason that he claims were recorded by members of Bentley’s family. Though she hasn’t disclosed why publicly, former First Lady Dianne Bentley filed for divorce last year after 50 years of marriage.

At almost the same time as Collier’s press conference, the website Yellowhammer News released a story claiming to have the audiotapes in its possession, but so far they have not published the recordings themselves.

However, based on their report, the recording appears to be of Bentley discussing past sexual encounters with Mason in several locations including his office in the Capitol.

When asked by reporters, Collier confirmed previous reports that Mason and Bentley were together in a meeting on Feb. 17 that resulted in the firing of several ALEA staff members Collier described as “non-politicos.”

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley. (governor.alabama.gov)

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley. (governor.alabama.gov)

Collier said that meeting was the result of his decision to disobey Bentley’s order not to submit court testimony to the Attorney General’s office related to the ongoing prosecution of Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

“I’m a law enforcement officer, and I have a duty to cooperate with the Attorney General’s office,” Collier said of disobeying Bentley.