Photo | Courtesy of Crazy Donuts

This unique shop serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with 28 different entrees, all of which come with a donut.

Who wants to pound donuts and ride roller coasters? I know I certainly do, just maybe not in that order. It’s a crazy idea, but what do you expect from a place called Crazy Donuts? The crazy part is it isn’t just donuts. This unique shop serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with 28 different entrees, all of which come with a donut.

“Crazy Donuts offers guests a fun change of pace from your typical restaurant, and we are so happy to welcome their team to the OWA family,” said Greg Rawls, director of business development for OWA. “Their eclectic and creative menu adds a special flair to the OWA experience that we know guests will love time and time again.”

It’s already open to the public, so rush to get in line for a Flat Line cheeseburger with candied bacon or a “Crabby” grilled crabcake with creamy crab sauce and diced scallions. It’s nice to see a focus on food for our new amusement park. With all the restaurants there, it’s becoming a dining destination even the non thrill-seeker will enjoy.

Rosé, White & Blue tasting

‘Tis the season for rosé, I say, and so does Southern Napa. The Eastern Shore’s wine experts are pairing five rosés from three different countries with fresh summer food from the Southern Napa kitchen. Expect wines from Italy, France and the United States. The event is this Thursday, June 28, 6:30-8 p.m. Cost is $45 per person. Call Carrie at 251-375-2800 to see if any spots remain. If so, RSVP today or email

Every day is rosé day! I’m sure you’ll be grabbing a couple extra bottles for your Fourth of July get together. It’s better than beer and burgers (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

National Grilling Month

With the Fourth just around the corner, it’s time to go through your grill checklist.

Let’s start with gas grills. Always keep a spare tank of propane at the ready. Running out mid-cooking is like getting caught with your pants down. Spare tanks at an exchange can be expensive. Places such as Costco can refill a partially used tank for much less.

Pay attention to your burners. These things rust through easily, but universal replacements are cheap and easy to install even for a novice handymen. Some of us don’t even read the directions. Be safe. Read the directions.

Charcoal grill people, find waterproof storage for your fuel. Don’t leave a giant bag of charcoal on the kitchen floor next to the table. It looks trashy and your wife won’t like it. I have an old cooler now used for my wood chips and coals.

Invest in a chimney starter. Nobody loves the taste of lighter fluid. You could even use my column to start your fire. Essentially you’d be cooking these words into your meat.