The Panini Pete restaurant group is a Mobile-area favorite, with a downtown location and the original in Fairhope, plus the small plates extraordinaire spot known as Sunset Pointe at Fly Creek Marina. You’re familiar with the sandwiches and beignets of the namesake restaurants of Pete Blohme and company, as well as the beautiful view and fancier fare of Sunset Pointe. Get ready for more!

Blohme, Nick Dimario and Robert Kabakoff have partnered and taken over Ed’s Seafood Shed from Ed and Barbara Bridges. Lovers of what I consider the Causeway’s best should keep the smiles on their faces, as the acquisition will largely limit changes to the cosmetic.

I’ve long said Ed’s fried shrimp and oysters are better than any place on that stretch of road, and it’s the only spot my children will eat coleslaw (they even turn up their noses to my recipe). A fresh coat of paint, decking and a soon-to-be-added kids’ zone are likely the only changes you’ll notice. You’ll still have access to those fantastic turnip greens and garlic cheese grits. I think the future of Ed’s is in great hands.

Panini Pete’s downtown location has resumed full service. For a while now the Dauphin Street location has had counter ordering in an attempt to expedite lunches for Mobile’s workforce. The people have spoken and the lines are no more, as the restaurant returns with a full wait staff. Be sure to tip accordingly.

Fat Boys Diner making waves
No, it has nothing to do with the Fat Boys rap group as far as I know, but Fat Boys Diner at 1801 St. Stephens Road in Prichard is hitting the scene pretty hard right now. Known for soul food and the area’s best Kool-Aid, Fat Boys Diner is killing it with crazy additions to Rotel dip, steak and shrimp baked potatoes and, of course, fries with all kinds of ridiculous stuff covering them.

I’d suggest taking a couple days off from eating before you tackle this monster. It’s funny how with all this crazy food they still manage to plug the Kool-Aid.

Cuppa Go peddles pedaled coffee
Mobilians should be on the lookout for a coffee shop on three wheels. Cuppa Go Coffee Co. will be making its way to the Port City soon enough. This won’t be a traditional brick and mortar facility. Imagine a trike equipped with kegs and a tap serving delicious cold brew coffee and nitro.

They’ve spent the last few months tinkering with flavors and blends to get their recipe nailed down and will be opening early this year. It’s best to drink cold brew when the weather warms. Maybe we will see some during Mardi Gras!