Like I said last issue, the spies have been working overtime for you, gathering gossip from one end of town to the other. This week, our spies found themselves under the big top and waving at bunnies on cannons. You know, just a typical day in Mobile.

The Greatest Show on Earth (for real)
A local couple known for having an annual off-the-hook party dubbed “Praisin’ In the Sun” put another one in the books last weekend. This year’s was circus-themed and was entitled “The Greatest Show on Earth” and judging by accounts from numerous spies, it seems the soiree really lived up to its name, as it does every year. (Last year it was a safari).

One spy filed this report:

When you exited the shuttle, you were greeted by a ringmaster. You then went through white-tented halls, where you were greeted by a lady in an 1800’s type taffeta outfit with a 3-foot-tall white wig, who handed you your name tag, which was a “backstage pass.” She also handed you a “take home” cup filled with the delicious signature drink. There was a place for pictures, which were given to guests as they left, a Midway with games (ring toss, corn hole, fish the duck out of the water, etc.) Then in the back yard, there were flame throwers, jugglers and a pool with women dressed as mermaids splashing around.

There were multiple bars, different food stations (beef tenderloin, another with guys frying crab cakes, shrimp) lots of drinking and fun … then later FRIED CHICKEN.

The later it got, the corners were inhabited by cuddling and smooching … creative and fun costumes were everywhere, including a beautiful bearded lady, that was actually dude, with a fake beard glued on.

When guests exited the shuttle to get back in their cars, the driver gave attendees a box of Barnum and Bailey animal crackers and a box of Cracker Jacks that had a sticker in it with the Praisin’ logo as the prize.

“Every little detail was thought of,” the spy said.

Local DQ in the running for RuPaul’s show?
Last year’s Nappie Award winner for Best Drag Queen Performer Miss Jawakatema Davenport has some fans who would like to see her on “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8.” The website has put together a poll of the country’s hottest drag queens, who fans would want to see on the show. And our own Miz Davenport is on the list. Help her out by voting for her on their site. It doesn’t appear the winner is guaranteed a spot but hey, every bit of buzz helps.

Some bunny is on the cannon
Last week you may have noticed the cannon at The Loop was painted a delightful shade of pink. That was in honor of the revitalization of the Azalea Trail. But it seems the refreshing spring color of the cannon compelled the Easter Bunny to come hang out by it last weekend. Yes, this bunny spent some time on top of the cannon waving at folks as they drove by. We are not sure why.
“The honking drivers loved it,” said the Easter Bunny.

I’m sure they did, EB. I’m sure they did.

Well kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ bearded lady lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!