What a week(end)! As you know, the Nappies were awarded last Friday night, and as you may remember, they are my favorite time of year, well, next to Mardi Gras! I mean, they are both the biggest parties in Mobile so what’s not to love? Well, I’ll tell you what, the days following are what sucks! You’re hungover, hungry and tired, then have to go back to work. But I must admit it was all worth it. Bring on Lagniappe’s Sweet 16!

Nappie time
First off, Happy 15th Birthday, Lagniappe! You throw one heck of party year after year, and you do it all for your friends instead of yourself — we all know Boozie would do it the other way around.

Anyways, more about the party. Boozie broke the golden rule of the Nappies, eat food before you start drinking! This year I said, “Oh, I’ll eat when I get there” but since the Nappies started earlier and I wasn’t hungry, I said “I’ll get food in a little bit.” Well, that little bit turned into no food, which meant vodka for dinner! We will get to the rest of that story later.

The Saenger began to fill with Mobile’s best of the best, and after mixing and mingling the lights were dimmed to let people know it was time to take their seats. The event started with the annual Nappie video by the talented Kris Skoda and crew. You must head over to Lagniappe’s Facebook page and watch it if you haven’t already — it’s the best Nappie video to date! After the video Rob and Ashley gave a few remarks and thanked everyone for 15 years, then the awards began!

Media was up first. One of the gals from 92ZEW apologized because she didn’t realize her dress had been caught on her side purse, exposing her butt. Boozie had noticed, but it was too late in the game to tell her. I mean, it happens to everyone every now and then!

For best Lagniappe cover, the winner was Laura Rasmussen. On that cover was TenSixtyFive’s Party Animal and he wanted to make an appearance. He did a quick turn at the podium did some dancing around — and did a front roll right off the stage! Some might say it was planned but Boozie was on the front row and saw him face plant into the ground, then take a moment to get up. Ouch, I know that hurt! That wasn’t the only embarrassing moment of the night: One of the award winners had forgotten to zip his pants! Oops!

One of Boozie’s favorite parts of the Nappies is all the crazy things people say and do. Here are a few of my favorites: The ladies of Junior League of Mobile (whose Christmas Jubilee won Best Annual Event) all wore bright pink wigs! Rob asked if, since they were all matching, whether they had a dance routine planned, but that was not the case.

Best Landscaper, Bay Landscaping, wore a suit with islands and flamingos all over it; no word if he got it from Best Men’s Clothing Store but Boozie is willing to bet he didn’t. But the Bay Landscaping guy made a few comments about bushwhacking and manscaping before leaving the stage. Mobile Records (Best Music Store) brought Death along with him, and Ryan Balthrop, Best Local Singer, started singing “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.”

Boozie couldn’t help but laugh when Tacky Jack’s (Best Bushwacker) accepted their award and the guy joked, “Bushwackers are like boobs, one isn’t enough and three is too many!” Everyone was laughing except the person in the crowd who yelled “Sexist!” (Insert eyeroll — some people can’t handle a joke, and let’s be honest, three bushwackers IS too many!)

Toward the end of the night things started to get out of control. When Best Bartenderess Rachael Norris from Hayley’s took the stage, members of the crowd started to shout “Show your t*ts!” Of course, she didn’t, but Boozie did hear of people flashing the photo booth camera. Good grief.

And last but not least, for the first time in awhile, someone was kicked out of the Nappies. By this point the no dinner thing was taking effect, so I don’t remember what he was saying but he was heckling just about everyone who got on stage. Loser! So then Rob asked him to stop and he continued to yell and give Rob the finger, and that’s when Rob said bye! The fabulous Saenger security team got him right on out. Later they jokingly asked when we would add a Nappie category for them.

Next, it was time for the after party and I must say, that might have been the quickest we had gotten through the award ceremony. The official after party was at new bar Pinky’s, on the same block as Liquid and the OK Bike Shop. It’s also the smallest bar in Alabama but it was big fun! After a few drinks and a few games at Pinky’s, I headed to the Bike Shop to join the rest of the Lagniappe gang. Still didn’t order food, but broke my shoe and asked for Whataburger the whole way home. My friends said no since they knew I have been eating healthy but what they didn’t know is that I didn’t have dinner, so I blame them for my hangover Saturday!

Anyways, you know it was a wild a weekend when one night you break a shoe and the next you get kicked out of a bar!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Nappie lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!