Another Hangout Festival has come and gone. The music was played and memories were made. If only we could remember everything that happened, but Boozie’s motto for the weekend was “anything could happen.” And by “anything” I meant meet famous people, get upgraded to VIP, find someone to marry at the Hangout chapel, get sand in places that I didn’t know sand could get. But I guess that’s part of it, so here are some of the “anythings” that happened.

Lenny hangs out in Mobtown
Sure, Hangout brings plenty of people through Mobile, as people realized when traffic started backing up on Thursday. But some lucky folks became really aware of it when they spotted headliner Lenny Kravitz hanging out downtown. My music spy reported Lenny and his band had rented out Soul Kitchen to get in some practice before their Hangout set on Sunday.

The restaurant spies were also buzzing about how Lenny was spotted at Noble South and Royal Scam. Side note: Boozie feels like every celeb that visits Mobile dines at Royal Scam. Is the allure of the tuna martini? Or is there some celebrity group chat where they list cities and what restaurants are good and where you can fly under the radar? If there isn’t, someone should invent that. You’re welcome!

Anywho, Lenny also made a stop at BackFlash Antiques! This was no ordinary celebrity-spotting because, well, Lenny gave store owner Charlana a shoutout on his Facebook page! This post read as follows: “Whilst walking around downtown Mobile, AL, I discovered this beautiful lady Charlana and her shop BackFlash Antiques. Now off to The Hangout Music Festival, Gulf Shores, Alabama.” If you have ever been in BackFlash you know how sweet Charlana is, but for Lenny to say it — well, it just makes it so much cooler!

Lenny didn’t stop there either. Once at Hangout he kept raving about Mobile from the stage and how much he enjoyed it. All I’ve gotta say is, hopefully he will be back to preform at a little place across the street from BackFlash Antiques called the Saenger!

Hangout shenanigans
It all started on Thursday with a Craigslist post about a Hangout VIP ticket up for trade. This isn’t any ordinary trade post either. This guy (I am assuming guy) posted that he had a VIP Hangout ticket for trade with a female. All you had to do was “please just send a picture or two along with your reply and let’s see if we can work something out!”

Seems legit, right? Who knows if it ended up working out for him, but Boozie’s VIP spies couldn’t help but wonder if any of the younger girls in VIP maybe took him up on the offer.

(Photo | Boozie Spy) Former mobile county commissioner Stephen nodine sent an email last week notifying its recipients that he was moving back to Florida. But before he left, he apparently decided to personally say goodbye to some locals.

(Photo | Boozie Spy) Former mobile county commissioner Stephen nodine sent an email last week notifying its recipients that he was moving back to Florida. But before he left, he apparently decided to personally say goodbye to some locals.

The Hangout pre-party was a hit. Boozie’s spy said Moon Taxi, performing as People of the Sun and doing a Rage Against the Machine set, was amazing — so much so that people stuck around hoping for more. Sure, the bands ended but the entertainment did not. People in traffic had one guy entertaining them as he struggled to ride his bike home. He would make it a little ways, then wreck. No telling how long it took him to get home!

We can’t talk about Hangout without a little VIP action. For starters, stoner comedian Doug Benson of Super High Me fame was cruising around VIP. My spy said he was being super low key as if he didn’t want to be recognized. Sorry, but no one is safe from my spies.

After this weekend, VIP might have a new meaning. Between shows, the VIP men’s bathroom had quite the line. There were two stalls and when one became available, the next person went in. Well, one guy just couldn’t hold it any longer and began peeing on himself while running to the stall, saying “Man, I am so embarrassed, I have never pissed myself before. Can I get in there with you? I can’t hold it back!” As pee was running down his leg the other guy decided it was OK and said, “As long as you don’t piss on me, I don’t care.” Gross! Hasn’t that guy ever heard of peeing in the pool? Just kidding.

Hangout attire
If you didn’t attend Hangout but want to know what stylin’ thing 20-year-olds are wearing these days, look no further. Boozie has got you covered on what not to cover.
For some reason flower crowns have made their way into the music festival look and it has been this way for several years. It’s almost like isn’t it time for this fad to die?

Moving on, to fit in at Hangout (for females) you had to be wearing high-waisted, cut-off, cheek-showing, camel-toeing denim shorts. My spies were wondering if Monistat sales would skyrocket this week? For a “top” you have more options. You can wear a swimsuit top with crazy straps, a white top, a crop top or something that is slightly see-through. Bonus points if it’s something crocheted.

Now that you’ve got the clothes part down, let’s accessorize! You need to wear at least five bracelets (Hangout bracelet counts), a choker necklace and temporary tattoos that look like jewelry. Oh, we can’t forget sparkly body/face paint if you choose to skip the temp tats. To finish off the look, you need mirrored sunglasses. Boozie actually very much enjoys hers because you can stare without people knowing. And if you are feeling super crazy or are just plain dumb, pick up some body glitter. Boozie has absolutely no idea why someone would intentionally rub glitter on their body, but something must be a little loose under that flower crown. Can we say nightmare?

Thanks to Boozie, you are now set for the next music festival or beach party you attend.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Lenny lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!