I read Jean Ingram’s letter to the editor about Fort Conde (“If it ain’t broke …” Oct. 20). Three of us in my family volunteered there for years and loved every minute of it. We had a wonderful boss at Fort Conde and the ladies of the AARP are the best.

You meet such nice people from all over the world and they have such nice things to say about our city. Not like the people who live here — they never go downtown and don’t know a thing about it.

There’s so much to do and see and no one is going to attack you or lay in the sidewalk drunk. Where do these people get all this negative stuff about our city? I get mad when I hear those kinds of things.

The Carnival ship is coming back and I wish I was able to volunteer again, it is so much fun meeting all those people. I wish the people of Mobile would go downtown and see what a beautiful city we have. Please don’t close Fort Conde, it’s one of our top attractions.

Dot Jones