The Mobile County Personnel Board upheld the demotion of a captain with the Mobile Police Department found guilty last year of having sexual relations with a subordinate officer while on duty.

The board dismissed the appeal of Carla Longmire, former commander of the MPD’s Third Precinct, according to the ruling released Thursday.

On Dec. 17, 2013, a trial board, made up of three senior officers, recommended the demotion of Longmire from captain to lieutenant after she was found guilty of conduct unbecoming and failure to supervise. The charges came to light after an internal complaint was filed claiming Longmire and officer Bradley Latham were having sexual relations while on duty. She appealed the decision to the personnel board.

Latham was found guilty of conduct unbecoming, truthfulness during an investigation and disobedience of orders for his role.

Lt. Roy Hodge, who was assigned to investigate the charges, testified that Longmire and Latham had engaged in sexual contact at her apartment while on duty, according to documents provided by the board.

Carla Longmire

Carla Longmire

Bradley Latham

Bradley Latham

The city provided as evidence a screen shot of video from Midtown Village Apartments that showed police vehicles belonging to Longmire and Latham entering and exiting the complex.

Hodge testified that the movements of all police vehicles are tracked and the data shows Latham was at the apartment while on duty, according to the documents.

Assistant Chief Joseph Kennedy, who presided over the trial board during the case, testified that on Sept. 6, 2013, Latham responded to a carjacking, but while on the scene, when he should’ve been investigating the incident, Latham phoned Longmire and “within 12 minutes he goes to her apartment,” according to the documents.

Kennedy testified that during the original hearing, Longmire admitted Latham was there and also admitted to the phone calls.

Lagniappe had previously reported Capt. Paul Prine has assumed command of the Third Precinct and Longmire has been moved to community services. As of Jan. 6, Latham was suspended for 240 consecutive hours without pay, Chief James Barber said in a previous interview. Latham was also moved to the First Precinct.

Longmire has also been under investigation for her role in leading the Police Explorers Program, in which it has been alleged officers and other city employees improperly brought relatives along on trips paid for by federal dollars.