Bistro Escoffier fully functioning

It’s been years in the making, but Bistro Escoffier has opened its doors to a happy Midtown. The brainchild of Owner/Executive Manager/Chef Lee Thompson (a former owner of Quatorze) and General Manager David Calametti, the new French restaurant in the former Mobile Popcorn building is serving up casual fine dining in the $18-$28 range. The corner of Semmes and Dauphin is already hopping.

You may be going for the wine and craft beer in the small bar in the back. Let’s face it, so will I. But I’m mainly interested in the foie gras, lobster Napoleon, rack of lamb and Moullard duck breast. Open on Wednesdays through Saturdays, you may call 251-450-2030 for reservations. Visit for a complete menu.

Cammie dropping Moon Pies

Some of you rang in the New Year watching the giant Moon Pie drop over Mobile. As important an event as that may be, I fancy the time of year when Miss Cammie at Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Parlor drops regular-sized Moon Pies into the ice cream maker. Get on down to Florida and Old Shell. The time has come. I get even more excited when the king cake ice cream hits the cooler. We will keep you posted.

La Pizzeria re-opened

It was confusing how a recently opened La Pizzeria almost immediately shut its doors for renovations, but now the old favorite is back in business. New General Manager Frankie Little and Chef Alex Tapia are sporting a whole new staff at the popular spot. The menu, of course, is to die for. Lots of Gulf seafood, local lettuce, steaks and creativity are sure to give this latest incarnation a solid footing.

A superb wine list and specialty cocktails are placing La Pizzeria at the top of the short list for romantic Valentine’s Day dinners. I say why wait. This type of eating is good for any day. Call 251-380-6419 for availability, like them on Facebook for the latest news, or take a chance and blindly head on down to 1455 Monroe St.

Beehive’s chocolate-covered strawberries a Valentine’s Day tradition

It would simply not be Valentine’s Day in Mobile without chocolate-covered strawberries from the Beehive. Bettie Champion and the gang are dipping these grand confections, so place your orders on or before Feb. 11.

The price is a modest $15 per dozen or $8 per half dozen. There is limited delivery in area codes 36601-36606, otherwise you must pick them up at Government Street United Methodist Church from noon through 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 13.

Call the gals and place your order quickly at 251-438-4714 or 251-458-1570.

Fairhope Brewing Company releases Lil’ Poison Brown Ale for Mardi Gras

So most of us have heard Grayson Capps command an audience to “drink a little poison before you die.” Apparently the folks at Fairhope Brewing Company follow Grayson’s advice quite often. So much so that they recently released Lil’ Poison Brown Ale in honor of the song. Our favorite fuzzy faced singer/songwriter with the long mane was on hand to add hops to the boil when the batch was being made.

“Local beer and local music are a natural combination, kind of like Grayson Capps and Mardi Gras,” said Fairhope Head Brewer Dan Murphy. “If Joe Cain were around today, I like to think Ole Slac would enjoy drinking a Lil’ Poison while partying down with Grayson and his Lost Cause Minstrels on the Sunday that bears his name.”
Initially released at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club for a Grayson Capps and the Stumpknockers reunion, Lil’ Poison Brown Ale can now be found at finer drinking establishments in our area, and of course the Fairhope Brewing Company’s taproom at 914 Nichols Ave. in Fairhope.

Kitchen on George puts “happy” back into Happy Hour

What can the Nappie Award winner for “Most Underrated Restaurant” do to elevate its status? Bring in a killer happy hour, of course! The Kitchen on George is adding a smile or two to the OGD by offering a weekday happy hour with $5 small plates such as duck confit spring rolls, roasted red pepper hummus, tempura fried okra, Alabama fried oysters plus shrimp and grits. If that isn’t enough, then how about $4 draft beer, $3 bottled beer and a selection of vino and cocktail specials. This is for Mondays through Fridays. The only problem being it is from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m., so get there early.

Another reason to smile on KOG is that they announced they will begin serving lunch on Fridays only, beginning Feb. 7. Lunch runs from 11 a.m. through 4 p.m. It will be done just in time for happy hour! Coincidence? I think not.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As we take this time to prepare our sons and daughters for the high stakes game of which student he or she will give the “special” Valentine, I’d like to take a look at Valentine breakfast. Sure we have the Beehive’s chocolate-covered strawberries, but mom and dad are saving those for the champagne a little later. Why not create a breakfast that will give you the same effect and be pseudo-nutritious at the same time? I don’t think this has ever been done, but it should be on the market.

Chocolate-covered strawberry Pop Tarts. There, I said it. Take an unfrosted strawberry Pop Tart and “frost” the top with milk chocolate, white chocolate, or my favorite dark chocolate. It’s passable as part of a balanced breakfast, if you leave the sugar out of the coffee. Wonderful! Recycle!