For the second time in the last year the Mobile Police Department is making a concerted effort to get Spice or marijuana analog off the streets of the Port City.

At the beginning of April, police issued a public warning through local media about an increase in Spice-related overdoses that were inundating area hospitals and emergency rooms.

On May 1 Mobile Police seized a significant amount of "spice" in a series of drug raids. At that point, Mobile police began investigations to pinpoint the origin of the drug as it became more of a lethal medical emergency. Today police are identifying it as “the single greatest threat to the health and safety of the Mobile area.”

Police say they developed a multi-faceted approach to combat the use and sale of Spice, and on Friday executed 14 search warrants residences identified as locations where large amounts of Spice are being sold.

Though several of these search warrants are still being conducted, Mobile Police Narcotics officers have already seized hundreds of packages of Spice and pounds of the unpackaged product.

Several arrests have been made and more are expected, but police say they won’t have the data available until Monday.