Police are investigating reports of an unknown man posing as an employee of a water service provider in order to enter the homes of residents, particularly the elderly, and steal from them.  

The Mobile Police Department has confirmed a man claiming to be an employee of a water company entered the home of a resident on Jasmine Street in Midtown earlier this week and stole from him.

A report was initially posted on the NextDoor app. The post, made by someone claiming to be the victim’s neighbor, said: “Our neighbor was robbed (Tuesday) around 3 p.m. by a man posing as a water company employee. Said he wanted to check his kitchen sink to make sure the water was clear since there had been work going on in the neighborhood. Upon the guy leaving there were some items and such found missing.”

The post went on to say the victim was an elderly man and describes the suspect as a “white male with a beard” possibly driving a white pickup truck. The post claimed other residents in the area had reported similar run-ins with a man of a similar appearance around the same time.

Mobile police weren’t able to confirm the description of the suspect, but did confirm the incident was reported to them and is under investigation. Because the items reported stolen are valued at less than $500, an MPD spokeswoman said the robbery would only be a misdemeanor offense.

The Mobile Area Water and Sewer Service (MAWSS) wasn’t named in post at all but does provide water services in the area where the burglary took place, MAWSS Public Relations Manager Monica Allen told Lagniappe Thursday.

“It is unfortunate that people with bad intentions often prey on vulnerable members of the community,” Allen said. “Furthermore, MAWSS employees will not ask customers to allow unsolicited entry into their homes. MAWSS employees will be in uniform, with MAWSS ID cards with their names imprinted, additionally MAWSS trucks are clearly numbered.”

Allen said if any if MAWSS customer has questions or concerns about someone claiming to work for the company, they can call MAWSS emergency number at 251-694-3165. She said dispatchers can verify any information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.