Police in Mobile say more arrests are forthcoming related to the “brutal” beating of Davidson High School freshman Rodney Kim Jr. last month.

On Wednesday, MPD Chief Lawrence Battiste said warrants would soon be issued for additional members of Davidson’s football team after police were able to identify four more male students from cell phone video of the incident captured by another student.

Three of those students are 18 years old and one is a juvenile, according to Battiste.

Kim, who is 14, was jumped by more than a dozen teammates in the Davidson fieldhouse on April 27 and video of the incident recorded his teammates punching, kicking and eventually jumping on Kim while he lay on the ground trying to protect himself.

The attack left Kim — a quarterback who had been moved up to the DHS varsity squad that day — with several injuries including a broken arm. Video of the incident has prompted widespread condemnation and has led to multiple arrests.

Police previously arrested four players and after today’s announcement, that number could soon jump up to eight. All players involved were or will be charged with third-degree assault.

It’s unclear if the four players recently identified by MPD have faced any disciplinary action from the Mobile County Public School System. Earlier this week, Superintendent Martha Peek said their investigation could take a while but would be thorough.

In the meantime, Kim’s family is moving forward with plans to sue MCPSS and the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners. The family’s attorneys, Charles Bonner and Jesse Ryder, presented the system with a notice of claim last month seeking $12 million.

The Kim family also wants the entire Davidson football program suspended. So far, there’s been no indication the incident could impact the Warriors’ 2018 season, though Davidson did withdraw from a spring game against Baldwin County High School earlier this month.