According to local authorities, synthetic marijuana — often called “spice” or “mojo” — is mounting a comeback in the Port City despite an aggressive police campaign to bust dealers and treat users of the substance in 2014.

However, the Mobile County Street Enforcement Narcotics Team (MCSENT) made a number of arrests related to the trafficking of “spice” earlier this week after officers became aware of “drug activity” at several local motels.

Police seized hundreds of packets of synthetic marijuana, cash and weapons during an operation in Mobile March 2, 2017. (MPD)

On March 2, the MCSENT put four men and one woman behind bars in Mobile, seizing roughly 100 packets of synthetic marijuana and collecting $2,408 in cash. Officers also recovered a handgun that had been recently reported stolen in Prichard.

Of those arrested, 35-year-old Joey Wilkerson, was found carrying several dozen packs of “spice” and the stolen pistol in a car along with his juvenile daughter.

Wilkerson will face charges for drug trafficking, receiving stolen property, carrying a pistol without a permit and the chemical endangerment of a child.

Jermaine Brown, 34, was charged with attempting to elude police, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest. According to police, Brown attempted to flee in a vehicle to avoid apprehension by officers.

Reginald Jenkins, 25, and Markese Wayne, 21, were each charged with being in possession of “spice,” a controlled substance under state and federal law.

Wayne also received additional charges for attempting to elude police. The female suspect, 20-year-old Alexis Nobles, was charged with trafficking in illegal drugs and possession of MDMA (ecstasy).

Arrested Persons, March 2, 2017