Psychquinox is Portal Studio’s “quarterly celebration of the arts,” a showcase of some of the area’s best visual artists but also a venue for musical creativity. For its most recent installment, Psychquinox will mix audio and the visual beginning with a set from the Portal SoundSpace Ensemble, a menagerie of local improvisers consisting of Ryan Jetten, Timothy Dixon, Joel Andrews and a plethora of guests. Their aural guidance will lead into one of the evening’s many highlights.
A week ago, local filmmakers were tasked with yet another challenging film scramble. For this celluloid race, participants were tasked with creating a music video. Attendees of Psychquinox will get to witness the resulting cinematic resourcefulness, ingenuity and creativity.

After the final video, enigmatic artist Lillian McKinney will add her eclectic magic to the mix, followed by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.